80 Lion Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Men and Women


You may have heard of lion tattoos or Leo tattoos, but have you seen them in real? Yes, often we hear about many different tattoo designs and ideas but we hardly get to see them. Lion tattoos or you may say Leo tattoos are very popular around the world and men are more attracted towards it. But nowadays, females are also showing interest in lion tattoos. But how the lion tattoo actually looks? Actually, lion tattoo can be made in a variety of designs and here you can see a huge collection of designs that are exclusive. So don’t miss it out.

Lion Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Men and Women:

Finger tattoos are now very popular. Get this realistic lion tattoo on your finger.

Tattoos can be made in different forms, here this lion face is done creatively.

Tribal themed lion tattoo on the arms.

Lion tattoo decorated with flowers and plants.

If you are looking for a realistic lion tattoo, go for this one.

Big lion tattoo for people with wide arms.

Modern textural lion tattoo designed with great skill.

Painting themed lion tattoo with different colors.

Feminine lion tattoo for the females

A fascinating tattoo was done with a base of geometric shapes.

Crown tattoos are very popular and here it has been merged with a lion tattoo, portraying the lion king theme.

Ferocious tattoo of a lion done on the hand. This mainly suits a man.

Pretty lion tattoo with a lovely design.

If you want a lion tattoo on the back, go for this one.

Tribal art tattoo for the shoulder. This is a great example of shoulder tattoo.

It’s very rare you will see the tattoo on the hand, here is an example of lion tattoo.

Lion king tattoo is very trendy, you can go for it.

It is looking like a painting rather than a tattoo, great art piece.

Stunning tattoo design with even a shadow.

This tattoo is a symbol of royalty. Have a look how this lion is decorated.

This tattoo is not very realistic but very good looking.


Feminine lion tattoo design best for the back.

Animated lion face which is very unique.

Graceful lion tattoo for the thighs or wide arms.

When thinking of a lion tattoo, some people look for tribal designs and ideas. Here is one you can go with.

Ravishing lion tattoo design for the forearms.

Lion with a crown. A perfect combination.

If you want a full hand tattoo decoration, this design is perfect.

This tattoo is looking very realistic.

Finger tattoo with a lion face.

This lion tattoo is a pencil sketch themed.

This is a great choice for people looking for simple lion tattoo.


Here the lion is looking very handsome right? Lion tattoo for the thighs.

Very meaningful tattoo with a lion inside a heart.

Colorful lion tattoo designed in a unique way.

Looking for a lion face tattoo for your arms? Check out this one.

That’s a great Leo tattoo if you really have faith in astrology.

Watercolor themed lion tattoo for the arms.

Look at this beguiling lion tattoo on the finger.

Very artistic and colorful lion tattoo which looks good for both male and female.

Textural lion tattoo which is very trendy in design.

Lion decorated in tribal accessories, very trendy presentation of a lion tattoo.

This tattoo looks very realistic. The best place to get this tattoo is the arm.

Some people like to get a minimal small tattoo. This looks really awesome above the wrist.

Wow! creativity can change anything. This is really fanciable.

Floral lion tattoo design for the thighs.

An ideal choice for the painters. This lovely tattoo is looking great on the thighs.

Look at the eyes of the lion in the tattoo. That speaks everything.

This textural lion face tattoo or you may say a line tattoo is gorgeous

A lion with flowers that is shows the divinity.

The ferocious face of a lion face says everything about a lion’s anger.

This is a very meaningful tattoo, a lion face, and some text.

This one is very cute. A lion mother with her baby. It suits any female.

Do you think yourself a king or you want to live with royalty?  Think of this lion tattoo, You can carry this one.

Elegant and artistic lion tattoo design which you can place anywhere on the body.


See the lion in this tattoo resting. It looks so heavenly.

Animated and colorful lion tattoo on the which looking funny and cute at the same time.

This lion tattoo is looking very attractive because of the tribal theme.

Minimal tribal lion tattoo for any part of the body.


This lion tattoo is looking appealing on the feet.


Want a minimal Leo tattoo? Wear it behind the ear.


This watercolor lion tattoo which can put on the side of the chest.

This tattoo is very gorgeous. Very magnificent choice.

Want to portray your inner self? Get this tattoo done to look ferocious.

A lion portrayed above an iron shield. It represents protection and power.

Tiny lion tattoo for the females and males. It looks cute.

Just a beautiful tattoo which you can place on the back.

Very charming tattoo design for the thighs.

If you want a big full back tattoo, it’s better to go with this astonishing tattoo design.

Want to show the peaceful side of a lion? This tattoo is the best.


Alluring tattoo design for the hand.


Decorative tattoos are always attractive looking. It’s looking hot.

So lions are king of jungles and you don’t dare to avoid them. You have seen various kind of lion tattoo designs and now it’s time to get one for you. You can make your design by getting inspired or you may choose one design from here. It depends on you and you can get a tattoo of your own choice. But if you liked our collection, then please do share with others.

80 Beautiful Unisex Tattoo Designs you can go with


We all fashion loving guys love to get a tattoo on our body. But how to know which tattoo is good for men and which tattoo is good for women. It’s really confusing as some of the tattoo designs are very feminine while some are very masculine. But how to clear the confusion? The best way to clear the confusion is getting a unisex tattoo design that looks best on both males and females. Yeah! today we will be coming up with some great unisex tattoo designs which are fantastic and beautiful. So don’t miss out this one. It’s in a single article you will be getting all what you want.

Beautiful Unisex Tattoo Designs you can go with:

Tattoos with deep meanings are often very minimal.

just try to explore the meaning behind this tattoo, you will come to know about many deep ideas.

Very simple and beautiful classic rose tattoo on the forearms.

Is it a wolf or a dog? Feeling confused, right? It’s up to you what you think.

Two hands joining each other, it carries a message of unity.

Perfect choice for the flower lovers.

A deep cosmic tattoos can be a good choice you have interest in those fields.

This looks like a spiritual tattoo with inner meanings. But looks truly divine.

Landscape in a earth, you can portray the message “that earth is beautiful” with this tattoo.

Textural mountain tattoo design. Looking very elegant.

Haha! this one is very funny but still a unique tattoo idea.

This looks like an illusion. Actually, a hand coming out or through a triangle.

Wow! it’s amazing. Anyone looking for a mesmerizing tattoo design, go with this one.

This tattoo looks like a band in your hand, good for the shy people.

Flowers are always beautiful and so the floral designs.

This lace tattoo on the thigh is a unique idea for parties.

Water color themed geometric tattoo. It needs a great personality to carry this tattoo.

Looks like a circuit at a first glance but it’s a tree drawn so creatively.

Anyone who is looking for an artistic tattoo designs, can go with this one. You will hardly get to see such a tattoo again.

Sky, boat and sea all in a single tattoo, but in a creative way. This is a lovely landscape.

Probably this big tattoo is trying to say something about the internal power of any human.

A perfect tattoo should be like this. You can try any face with such a design.

This looks like a chain but an amazing tattoo for your wrist.

Symbolic tattoos always carries a lot of deep meanings.Here is one.

Lotus flower with some geometric shapes may be there’s a spiritual meaning lying underneath.

A lion face textured so nicely. It’s rare we see such tattoo designs.

Lovely couple tattoo with a touch of creative sense.

The lock and key couple tattoo that actually is the best pair in reality.

Crawling leaves tattoo on your wrist can change the appearance.

This is a very meaningful tattoo that shows the love between a couple.

A bouquet of flowers that actually is looking ravishing in the tattoo. Flower tattoos are always beautiful.

Lion tattoo on the feet can look really appealing. Here is an example.

Snake tattoos are very meaningful and if you love snakes you can try out one.

These artistic tattoos looks like puzzles but they comes with a great meanings.

Funny and cute at the same time. These cute tattoo is looking so pretty.

A very wonderful tattoo of some geometric structures and shapes. Not for everyone, but if you can reveal that, it will be great for you.

A simple feather tattoo that is done so extraordinarily. This tattoo is another word of creativity.

This tattoo means a lot. It has a great inner meaning.

It’s hard to get the whole meaning, but the tattoo is very unique.

An hourglass designed with watercolor themed colorings. Looking great with somemeanings inside it.

Geometric shapes filled with flowers. It is looking like a pyramid with rises.

Mathematical shapes and symbols make out a great tattoo.

Very rare tattoo idea of lining the whole hand. But it’s not for the shy guys.

This tattoo design is looking like a string tied on the wrist.

This one is looking like a fingerprint designed in such a way.

Some tattoos are done out of meaning keeping in mind of its visual qualities.

Good couple tattoo idea for those who love minimal tattoos.

Geometric shapes look great when drawn on bodies.

Is this an ‘equals to’ symbol or something different? The wearer can only tell about that. But it’s looking great.

Very simple and elegant looking flower tattoo design.

Cat tattoo design outline behind the year looks very pretty.

Do you have seen a stag? This is face and horn of a stag that means a lot.

Some number of triangles can form some great looking shapes.

Is it the string trick which we tried to learn in our childhood? It’s looking the same as we used to take the string.

Hand band tattoo is looking really awesome on this female.

This small plant with fruits can be very meaningful if you have any incident related to it.

The whole solar system in your leg, isn’t it too vast?

A hand holding a flower, it something scripted beautifully on a tattoo.

Octopus on your full arm. It’s looking really great.

This one is for all who loves artistic tattoos.

This whole rose is designed so beautifully on the shoulder

Flower with a leaf on the shoulder.

Musical notation tattoo with a pinch of water color effect to make it more attractive.

This tattoo is very realistic with a beautiful flower and geometric shapes.

Yes, it is a sea wave designed in a very creative way.

We hardly see a tattoo on the ear. It is something very unique. But everyone can’t try out this one.

Leaf tattoos are always attractive and here is one you can see on the arms.

Have a look at this amazing structural tattoo forming attractive shapes the hand.

A unique tattoo design covering the upper part of the body.

A cute feminine tattoo for the upper breast. It is clearly designed.

Realistic art tattoos are always demanding, this one example you can see.

Arrow tattoos are actually very meaningful but when it comes to the design it is very bold.

This is an example of tribal designs which looks like a band on the hand.

The criss-cross tattoo is something you will hardly get to see. if you something rare like this, go for it.

Dried tree branch with some left out leaves. Lovely and meaningful.

Again a tribal ring tattoo which you can get it as a decorative art on your body.

A wonderful example of an elegant artistic tattoo.

This is tattoo is exceptional. A beautiful landscape inside a circle. If you think deeply you will understand.

Good tattoo idea for those who are making an awareness about deforestation.

Alluring hand tattoo with based on a geometric shape.

After having a glimpse of all these unisex tattoos, what’s your actual say? Yes, we know you will be saying something positive. Unisex tattoo designs are very unique and they suits both men and women. So there is no confusion about the designs. Just choose a design which you liked the most and then go for it. No other things to think of.

80 Beautiful and Charming Anchor Tattoos

Tattoos with rich meanings are always very demanding among the tattoo lovers. You have heard about the anchor tattoos and this one falls into this category. Anchor tattoos are very rich and full with symbolic meanings. Since a long time, it has been a trend of making an anchor tattoo among the sailors. But like every other meaningful tattoo, this anchor tattoo designs are also very attractive and can be done in a great variety. Though this leads to a confusion, but we are here to help you all out with some amazing anchor tattoo designs.

Beautiful and Charming Anchor Tattoos:

Creatively designed heart shaped anchor tattoo that is looking exclusive.

Forearm arm anchor tattoo with a rope.

It is very rare to get an anchor tattoo design with a flower.

One of the best places to get an anchor tattoo is above your toe.

Can you guess what’s the full form of this? It’s U.S Navy.

Simple anchor tattoo on your forearm looks very hot in males.

Look at this cute anchor tattoo with a definition of femininity.

Classic anchor tattoo on the arm, this one of the best place to place arm tattoos.

It’s very painful to get a tattoo in the side neck but this anchor tattoo is looking really good.

This one is really awesome, see how hot it is looking.

As we have said, anchor tattoo on your forearm looks elegant.

Finger anchor tattoo. If you are looking for a small tattoo, opt for this.

Classic things are always beautiful maybe it’s old. This oldie design can still rock.

Adding texts of your wish is a great idea in anchors tattoos.

This one is such a beautiful musical tattoo, a great choice for musicians.

This a mixture of two tattoo designs, a mermaid, and an anchor tattoo. this colorful tattoo is looking awesome.

Again a fantastic U.S Navy tattoo which contains an anchor.

if you are looking for an anchor tattoo, this one can be a great idea. place it on anywhere you want, it hardly looks.

Some girls want to go with floral and feminine tattoos, here is an example of it.

A very interesting couple tattoo that resembles a lot of meanings.

The design speaks everything. See this tattoo and you will get an example.

Creative anchor tattoo looks really great. This one is designed with creativity.

This tattoo design comes with a colorful painting style. Watercolor appearance adds an extra essence.

This one is an animated anchor tattoo that looks really awesome.

Just you can say Wow! This one is so pleasing.

If you really love a minimal tattoo, go for a tattoo like this.

Anchor tattoo with a feather on your forearm.

Classic anchor tattoo with a rope that you can also place on your feet.

Such a graceful couple tattoo an anchor tattoo and a marine steering wheel.

“I Refuse to sink” really how can you sink when you have such a tattoo.

Again a very beautiful artistic tattoo with a painting feel.

Creativity can make out anything. Just here is an example.

This anchor tattoo looks very royal and exquisite.

Flower-anchor tattoo with a heart and rope. Looking ravishing on the forearms.

If you want a small anchor tattoo on your body, you can place it behind your ear.

It’s looking like a pencil sketch but it’s a tattoo. Yes, a tattoo was done in this theme.

Such a lovely presentation you will ever see. A lovely tattoo.

Anchor tattoo with birds is something you will ever see. Just give it a preference if you want a core feminine artistic tattoo.

Mainly anchor tattoo is best for the marine life leaders. So this tattoo can be an authentic choice if you are looking for a marine life tattoo.

Anchor tattoos are a great example of couple tattoo designs. Look how alluring it’s looking.

Anchor tattoos look good in feet. If you want one, you can think twice.

You have seen a tattoo design like this before, but this tattoo has a more realistic design.

Watercolor themed tattoos are now on demand when you are getting a tattoo done, think of it.

If you want a small tattoo on your wrist, this anchor tattoo will meet your need.

Cute anchor tattoo with a bow, lovely thought and pleasing tattoo for a female.

This anchor tattoo is present in such a beautiful way, it looks like a lot of smiles. Good for people who want to laugh all the time.

Cleanly designed anchor tattoo which is good for both male and female.


An anchor tattoo on the back neck looks very attractive for the hot ladies.

Anchor tattoo is a superstition among the marine dwellers. You can get an idea from this tattoo.

Blue rose is very rare and it symbolizes royalty. So anchor tattoo with a blue rose is something royal.

Medium sized anchor tattoo on the arms looks very bold.

This is a great 3D tattoo design you can give a look at.

Anchor tattoo on the chest is very rare. But this one is awesome.

Anchor tattoo looks good on fingers it adds a decoration.

This tattoo is designed very beautifully with a marine wheel and an anchor tattoo.

It’s looking like a necklace with a pendant on the feet.

Females always look for a cute tattoo design and these are their best choices.


Very simple tattoo design for the anchor tattoo lovers. If you are looking for a minimal tattoo, this one can be a graceful decision for you.

Nothing can be good than an artistic tattoo. It’s lovely and so beyond thinking.

Compas and anchor are directly related in the same field. So these two can be included in a tattoo with a meaning.

This tattoo is very realistic looking but very common in design.

An infinity symbol with a rope and anchor and flowers written Familia, which portrays the great love for your family.

Another anchor tattoo with an infinity symbol which is more simple.

Anchor tattoo with a rose and message is a great idea to make your tattoo look creative.

Minimal tattoos are always delightful. Look at this example.

Maybe this broken anchor tattoo means a lot to the wearer, but it’s looking beautiful and unique.


Anchor tattoo with a deer horn is something very meaningful.

This is a wooden anchor tattoo design that seems abandoned. Rare and unique presentation.

Very colorful anchor tattoos with a lot of things included in the design.

This design of a small tattoo is really awesome. See the tattoo and it is so small.

A chain with an anchor pendant so beautifully projected in a tattoo.

Scorpion and anchor, it’s hard to relate but still as a tattoo design, you can try out the same thing.

Anchor tattoo on a unique place. The tattoo is placed near the elbow.

Tiny tattoo on between the finger sides. If you want to keep your tattoo hidden, try out with this one.

Marine wheel with an anchor a very popular design but this one is a bit different in portrayal.

Such a realistic anchor tattoo above the feet enhances your masculine factor.

Tattoos with rich meanings are always very demanding among the tattoo lovers. You have heard about the anchor tattoos and this one falls into this category. Anchor tattoos are very rich and full with symbolic meanings. Since a long time, it has been a trend of making an anchor tattoo among the sailors. But like every other meaningful tattoo, this anchor tattoo designs are also very attractive and can be done in a great variety. Though this leads to a confusion, but we are here to help you all out with some amazing anchor tattoo designs.

80 Cute and Artistic Finger Tattoo Designs

If you are very interested in getting a tattoo but feeling shy about a big tattoo design, you should go for subtle tattoo designs that will suit you the most. But the question is where you will place your subtle tattoos? Do you have any idea? The best place to wear a subtle tattoo is the fingers. You can show your tattoo to whom you want and again you can hide it from one whom you don’t want to see your tattoo. So it’s a great advantage you will be getting. So don’t waste your time and get an overall idea about the finger tattoo designs which are trending all over the world.

Cute and Artistic Finger Tattoo Designs:

That’s a ‘tiger on your finger’. Good combination, though.

Tiny creative finger tattoo design with a touch of femininity.

You can choose any design and that depends on your thinking.

Beautiful Leaf tattoo on your fingers. A very colorful choice.

For animal lovers, an animal tattoo is a symbol very close to their personality.

Though this is a full hand tattoo but you can take an inspiration of your own finger tattoo.

Symbolic representations are always attractive as it becomes hard for anyone to decode.

Same here like the previous one, so you can think of a symbolic representation.

If you are looking for a both hand finger tattoo, this one can be the best.

Beautiful artistic finger tattoo that is full of inner meaning.

Maybe this is a wave or something else, it’s hard to get right as portrayed in a completely different way.

Signs and symbol are a great idea for finger tattoos.

Perfect tattoo choice for the musicians.

Feathers are always artistic and it looks creative on fingers.

Rose is special to everyone and when you have it in your hand, you are going to be special.

Yes, you can also place an owl on your finger. They look unique everywhere.

To show your spirituality, a holy cross finger tattoo is an ultimate choice.

Creating up something creative is always a good idea for you.

Arrow tattoos are very minimal and it’s always better choice for the minimal tattoo lovers.

A small holy cross tattoo which will portray your love for religion and will also not look very bright.

Though here you can see a lot of ideas, but the finger tattoo idea is what we collected it for.

Solar system on your hand? Not a bad idea.

A butterfly is always elegant. It’s hard to get such a small detailed tattoo, but if you get a good artist, go for it.

Good couple tattoo, but both are different in design. Try to choose the same design in case of couple tattoos.

Wow! this is the only word we can say. It so trendy, feminine and artistic.

Something really artistic and creative.

Creative tribal arts all over the hand and fingers are rare and graceful.

A small flower art can change the appearance of your finger.


You have seen a beautiful butterfly tattoo just above a few ideas. This one is also very beautiful.

Honey bee tattoos are very cute and when done in this way.

Looking like a Celtic tattoo design, but looking gorgeous.

It’s divine and it doesn’t need any more word.

Such a lovely musical notation tattoo which looks like a ring.

Being a dog lover, now you can place your dog picture in your fingers.

What a funny idea? Great for funny people. Very rare.


Maybe there’s a great meaning behind the tattoo but it’s looking very minimal.

Another beautiful tattoo idea with a heart on your fingers and the heart drawn in textures.

Rosary tattoos are great if you can really carry it.

See this so tiny giraffe, standing on your fingers.

That means something beyond infinity.

This small arrow tattoo is looking really charming.

This lovely marine couple tattoo is great couple tattoo who is associated with marine life.

Looking like a equals to a symbol, but maybe there’s a different symbolic meaning behind it.

King and queen crown tattoo are very popular finger tattoo idea.

A reindeer on your finger, have you ever imagined of it?

This is a really looking spiritual and divine. So attractive and beautiful.

‘Believe’, one of the most important things in your life.

Look at this beautiful Peacock feather tattoo.

It’s hard to get which tattoo is this, but it is looking awesome.

Some tattoos are really hard to understand, but there remains a lot of meaning behind it.

Such artistic full circle tattoo. Lovely idea.

Look at this cute elephant finger tattoo.

Ha ha! A perfect choice for funny people.

… perhaps continued. You will have to wait for that.

Almost everything on your fingers. Something rare and charming.

Have a great love for fox? This colorful fox tattoo is the perfect one for you.

A textural tattoo designed in a tribal theme which is looking very delightful.

Very minimal tattoo with a variety of meanings inside it.

Ohh! this lovely cute bow look is very feminine because of its color.

Show your love for someone with this amazing and small heart tattoo.

Mr. and Mrs. that means a married couple with a creative finger couple tattoo.

Love is infinite and you can’t see the end of it. Portraying your love with an infinite symbol makes a great tattoo.

‘KNOW HOPE’ that’s the thing written in this tattoo, but the meaning is unknown. But it’s looking glamorous.

You should like a gold always and pass out the message to others with your tattoo.

An ideal choice for the musicians who love to keep a lovely minimal finger tattoo.

Black and white classic bow tattoo that looks classy with a colorful nail polish.

Star means a lot and there are hundreds of meaning associated with the star. You have to choose for what you are making it.

A lotus tattoo on your hand makes it divine.

A tribal design which looks a fascinating look.

Three dots define a continuation, but the continuation of what? That’s your own secret message.

Symbols are widely used in tattoos, here you can see an arrow is divided into three parts are portrayed on the tattoo.

As we have said, the symbols are very widely used in various kind of tattoos. Have a look at this one. It’s alluring.

Don’t have a ring or you don’t like to wear a ring? No matter, you can choose a ring couple tattoo.

Now you can think of decorating your fingers without jewelry. Have a glimpse of this amazing design.

Animal skull tattoos are very famous inking design, but the design is not for everyone. Before you go with such a design, think twice.

So you want to hide your tattoo between fingers? Or maybe you can cover your tattoo with a ring, you can do anything you want with your finger tattoo designs. But you will have to choose the one suitable for your personality. Go ahead and make a beautiful tattoo on your finger to show your creativity without feeling shy.

80 King and Queen Tattoo Designs For Couples

The king and Queen, the most royal couple in the society. But with the growth of democracy all over the world, the king and queen have now become a part of fiction stories. Or even you may listen a boyfriend saying to his girlfriend, “I am the king and you are my queen”. But if you are a tattoo lover, you will always want to look royal through your tattoos and so the best idea to choose a gorgeous king and queen tattoo for your skin.

King and Queen Tattoo Designs For Couples:

Playing card king and queen tattoo for a sweet couple.

Think yourself as a princess? go with this amazing princes’ crown tattoo.

Look at this royal couple tattoo on the forearms.

Playing card king and queen tattoos are of different types. This one is very cute.

This couple tattoo is also very appealing.

Looking for a gorgeous king and queen tattoo? here it is.

This tattoo is great for the minimalist tattoo lovers.

If you go with this tattoo, you will look like a real princess of creativity.

If you love to have a back tattoo like this one, remember to go with something classic.

Nowadays, fingers are the best place to wear small tattoos. It looks very appealing.

When you are going for a couple tattoo, remember to keep the tattoo designs similar.

Couple king and queen tattoos can be placed anywhere and that completely depends on how you can carry it.

This is a very rare Egyptian king and queen tattoo that you will hardly see anywhere.

Not only the symbols, textual king and queen tattoos are also attractive.

Shy about tattoos? Go with this tiny angelic tattoo design.

Ohh! it’s lovely. See how it is written on the tattoo. His queen and Her king. You both are made for each other.

Getting a tattoo on your full wrist is confusing as it is hard to find out a design. This one is a thumb up.

This king and queen tattoo is designed on a crayon art theme. It’s very unique.

One Life, One Love, a very true quote in our life. But it varies differently in different lives.

See, in this couple tattoo, the tattoos are placed in different places. This is an experiment.

Again a classic textual king and queen tattoo design idea.


You can write the name initials on your tattoo design to make the design different from others.

When you are making a textual tattoo, the font style really matters a lot. So try to be choosy about that.

As we have said, wrist tattoos are quite tough to design as all the shapes don’t set on the wrist.

This tattoo is also very experimental as it is placed in different places on the body.

Is it the anniversary date engraved in roman numbers? It’s a great idea.

See as the font is changing, the appearance of the tattoo also changes with that.

This is not a couple tattoo but a good design if you want to make a king tattoo.

A very creative minimal tattoo design that is looking alluring.

Oh! if you can be creative, you can be daring enough to show your love in this way.

Minimal King and queen tattoos can also be placed in feet as they are very small.

If you are going with a small tattoo, and you don’t have any problem to show your tattoo to others, choose the fingers.


One Life, One Love has become a very popular king and queen tattoo text.

This one is looking really graceful.

Making a tattoo delightful like this is not an easy job. It needs to do a lot of research about the design.


Do you like Grim Reaper tattoos? then you will obviously like this one.

A very attractive and colorful tattoo with a flower included.

King and queen tattoo with your name written on it looks really gorgeous.



Placing a tattoo on the side of your hand is not a bad idea as it is looking classy.

King and queen tattoo done in a slightly different way.

Very graceful couple tattoo for the pretty couples.

If you have a great interest for the Egyptian king and queen, this idea is a good one.

A very hot tattoo for the males. You can give it a try. It looks more like a gambling tattoo.

Very simple king and queen tattoo placed on the side of the wrist.

Watercolor background couple tattoo that looks really awesome.

One king and one queen, possible what every king and queen dreamt of.

It looks so lovely and lively. Very simple but a great sample.

Very creatively designed king crown tattoo over a flower. Maybe there’s a great meaning behind it.

Lovely bracelets on both the hand, but the tattoos are looking more attractive.

Placing a tattoo on the side of your arms is a very good idea to show the tattoo to others.

The tattoo is beautifully drawn with a modern approach.

One on the wrist and one above it. Not a bad idea for a king and queen tattoo. But the designs are completely different.

King and queen tattoo designed in a very creative way to give an elegant look.

Again that one life, one love tattoo but this time with a touch of animation.

If you are looking for a very small tattoo design, you can go with this one.

Yes, the design is very normal, but we have included it because of the tattoo done so clearly.

You can be a step ahead by showing your love for each other through a tattoo.


Look at this delicate tattoo design on the wrist of both of them.

The tattoo is very childish with an amateur essence on it.

Colorful crown tattoos are always the most attractive. Get an idea of it.

Maybe there’s a deep meaning behind this creative one but it is looking very unique.

See the crown and the font, both are equally very unique and dazzling.


This tattoo is completely different and it includes the image of the king and queen from the card.

K and Q from the heart is a very popular king and queen couple tattoo design.

The font is simple and the designing is also simple in this tattoo but it is looking very classy.

The first letter of your name or maybe your lover’s name with a crown is a great idea to show your love.

Both of them looks like a drawing on fingers done by a simple pen.

This idea is too creative as it shows a king and queen crown with a heart sigh on the other finger.

A very simple drawing tattoo on the forearm.

King and queen crown drew simply like a small symbol.

Full hand king and queen tattoo for the tattoo lovers.

Crown tattoos are very appealing and look great on fingers.

This one is really creative and exquisite.

Mostly, the king and queen tattoo is portrayed in couples, but there are exceptions like every other designs. Now the main thing is that when you are wearing such a royal tattoo, it should match your overall lifestyle and personality. So getting a king and queen tattoo on your body is probably the most easiest way to turn yourself royal.

80 Cute Minimalist Tattoo Designs Which are Adorable

Some people want to get a tattoo, but they get confused to commit to one single design. Actually, people nowadays are being much more liberal to tattoo designs, but selecting a design still seems very tough. Some people can go with a big tattoo design freely, but some loves to go with small designs to keep their tattoo hidden. So you should know that tattoo designs not necessarily have to be big all the time, minimalist tattoo designs also look attractive. So it’s time to get inspired rather than getting confused. Have a look at some of these amazing designs.

Cute Minimalist Tattoo Designs:

Lovely creative flower tattoo designed on the fingers.

Some people say that minimalist tattoo is the other name of creative tattoos. Just look at the above tattoo.

Check out this textural moon tattoo which can give you an outstanding look.

Believe written with a bird, yes it’s very meaningful but have you ever thought of wearing a tattoo like this?

Simple bracelet tattoo exclusively for your wrist.

Do you have a great love for cats? the best way to show your love.

Flower tattoos are very popular among the females, but this one is beautiful.

A small and simple diamond tattoo can speak a lot of things.

This is also a very small flower tattoo that shows your love for flowers.

You can also think for portraying plants in your minimalist tattoo.

That’s called the real love. A dog and a cat loving each other.

Geometric structures and shapes are normally very attractive in images, and here you can also find a bunch flower inside it.

Perfect tattoo for a rose lover. It looks like a normal sketch of a rose hand drawn with a pen.

Anchor tattoos are very popular and so popular are the musical tattoos. Here has a look and you will find a merge of G clef and an anchor.

Tattoos can be so cute. It’s hard to believe such a cute tattoo if you haven’t seen it before.

Look at this dead tree and how it is portrayed in the tattoo.

You can describe this creative tattoo in many different ways. We can define it as a picture broken into pieces.

Moon, Cloud and Stars, the perfect pairing of a tattoo design.

Honey Bee tattoo are now becoming famous among the females and here is an example of how it looks.

Diamond tattoos can also be colorful, have a look at it.

Bow tattoos are lovely and look good on females of any age.

See this amazing tattoo on your thighs. Graph of a heart beat.

If you are attached to a marine life, then you can select this ship tattoo but remember to include great details.

Are you a singer? This tattoo suits you the best.

Set of small stars on your wrist.

A string on your wrist and can that also portrayed with a tattoo.

Flower tattoos on the side of your back look awesome for the females.

This triangle geometric tattoos on the base of your fingers can be an awesome idea.

Do you like to express your inner self with symbols? Then this infinity symbol will work for you.

Graceful flower tattoo in a watercolor theme.

Small rose and leaf on a place where one can hardly see your tattoo.

Flower tattoos are always attractive and divine.

Look at this lovely dog face design on your fingers.

A hand holding a bouquet of flowers can also be tattoo design. So probably you can understand everything can be a tattoo design.

Wolf tattoos are very interesting and you can see how cute it looks on the wrist.

Showing your religious belief through a tattoo design is a very good idea. Look at this holy cross tattoo.

Sometimes we dream if we had a pair of wings on our body. But that’s not possible in reality. So you can fulfill your dream with this tattoo.

Flower tattoo designs can be decorated creatively according to your own ideas.

A single transparent flower that looks like a drawing.

Mountain peak with the sun, this the best tattoo for the mountain climbers.

Flowers with stem, if you have gardening as a hobby, you will feel the value of this tattoo.

Touchy text with a heart graph looks amazing.

Look at this cute and small ECG graph on the back of your neck.

Nothing can be excellent than this tattoo, such a creative idea.

Black lotus like flowers above your feet can be great for the runners.

Birds flying out from a shading flower. Everything can look gorgeous with the touch of creativity.

Funny Honey Bee tattoo for your hand.

This artistic cat face is a real fun. It’s amazing.

Any symbol can have a meaning for you, it’s not necessary that everyone will have to understand that.

Good tattoo for the dog owners. See how this cute dog from the tattoo is looking at you.

Flying bird is a great choice for the females. It looks delicate.

Simple arrow signs on your thumb finger look very attractive.

A small bird under your throat can be good looking depending on your personality.

Very normal flower tattoo which you can put anywhere on your body.

Mountain peak tattoos are the best choice for those who are associated with humans.

A normal night landscape drew on a particular shape.

It’s hard to get this symbol, a straight line with some triangles. But it is looking charming on the back.

Tattoos should be very creative and here’s a great example. See this butterfly tattoo design.

Danger, include skulls behind your ears like this.

Tree and an owl on the fingers of your both hands. Very pleasing design.

Pine trees look very elegant on tattoos. Even if you make it small.

Maybe the animal is big but you can include them in a small tattoo. They look cute.

Very realistic cat tattoo good for the females.

Want to fly like a grasshopper? Wear a grasshopper tattoo and fly in dreams.

Whale tattoo is not that common but you can still go with it as an animation.

The compass shows us the way and directs us the right way. A compass tattoo on your hand can look very meaningful.

Crawling plant tattoo all over your hand. It is very simple.

A cute cloud that will hardly bring rain to your life.

Praying for a great future through your tattoo.

If you love swimming, a great idea is to include your own swimming portrait on your back.

A core geometric tattoo with a tree inside it.

Look at this amazing leaf tattoo which looks so realistic.

If you don’t have a ring or even you don’t like to wear it, you can draw a tattoo of it on your fingers.


Dead trees look very attractive. This is designed to set under your wrist.

Pyramid tattoos are not so popular but here you can see that this triangle pyramid tattoo is sweetly done on a couple.

Tiny tattoo idea which looks divine below your nail.

The best place to wear your mountain tattoo is your feet. It looks dazzling.

Cat outline on your feet shows your love for the cat.

It is very normal that most of the people think that you should go with a big tattoo design to make your tattoo more attractive. But after seeing all these designs, now you may throw away all your misperceptions. It’s not the time to sit with your taboo, so you should start thinking something progressive. So forget all those complex designs and drown yourself deep in the world of minimalist tattoo designs.

80 Fascinating Arrow Tattoo Designs

Since a very long time, arrow tattoo has been the hot favorite among the tattoo lovers. Though it is a Native American symbol but arrow symbol is popular all over the world due to its importance. This symbol was actually invented to keep the record of their history and with time it was used for different purposes among the tribes. So you can easily think arrow symbol as a tribal symbol which is now used officially internationally. So here we are again with some exclusive ideas of arrow tattoo designs which you can take as your inspiration. Don’t miss out as you will be getting some outstanding ideas.

Fascinating Arrow Tattoo Designs:

Very interesting cross tattoo design which will attract everybody.

In the case of arrow tattoos, the symbol is itself very simple and so you can experiment with it a lot.

Tattoo of friendship, the perfect quote for this tattoo.

A perfect couple tattoo for the trendy lovers.

This is a compass arrow tattoo that shows the direction. It looks charming on the back.

This tattoo is designed very creatively with a feminine touch.

A tribal themed arrow tattoo design with geometric structures which is looking like a body art.

Multidirectional arrow tattoo designed very creatively.

A bunch of arrows directed towards the same side and each of them is different in design.

Very beautiful arrow tattoo which is looking realistic.

Arrow tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body and here’s an example of it, on the side of your body.

Look at this textural arrow tattoo. Textures can make any tattoo dazzling.

This one is really artistic and amazing.

This awesome idea can be portrayed on the side of your body. A tattoo from the stone age.

This is a designed arrow tattoo with feathers and beads. You can also color your tattoo in this way.

Again a compass arrow tattoo idea for your forearm.

This lovely angelic tattoo idea for your feet is very creative and trendy.

Though this is not a full arrow but it defines the importance of an arrow in a very creative way.

This lovely feminine design is for girls who love to show their tattoo daringly.

If you want a very simplistic and admirable minimal tattoo design.

Creativity has no end of it and it has the power of making things unique. Here’s an example of it.

Designing a tattoo depends on your own artistic idea. Use it till you get a design you like.

Tattoo designing is an art form and it’s a pure work of canvas.

Geometric shapes and sizes are very attractive and as it is related to our daily life, they are related to various kinds of meanings.

This is a realistic tribal arrow design suitable to wear on the back.

If you are looking for a small tattoo which is not very colorful, go for this one as it looks classic.

So probably it’s the time to think about a design like this.

Tattoo with flowers and arrow crossed through it may mean a lot and you will have to research about it.

Simple tattoos are hard to trace but they are very graceful.

We didn’t find any meaning of this overall tattoo design but it is for sure there is a meaning behind it.

For the females, going with such a creative arrow tattoo looks great.

A very rare tattoo which portrays an arrow, footsteps, leaves and paws prints.

A small bird carrying an arrow, a lovely theme for a tattoo.

If you are looking for a simple arrow tattoo, this tattoo will be great for you.

Creative sense can help you in making a different kind of designs with a single item.

This tattoo can be hardly spotted on your body just because of the place and the design.

Wow! such a lovely tattoo design with a great meaning.

Arrow tattoos are mainly made small. And it is always necessary to put them in a good place.

Arrow tattoo is one of the most popular minimal tattoos, and it is the best for beginners.

It is hard to find a colorful arrow tattoo and here is an example of it.

Arrow amalgamated with a dreamcatcher, it’s an amazing idea.

Trendy tattoo designs are mostly minimal with a deep definition. Here’s an example of it.

Cross arrow tattoos are so appealing that you can place almost anywhere on your body.

Animated tattoo designs are for those who love to see things in a funny way.

Yeah! it’s looking realistic. You can think of wearing it.

Medium sized symbolic arrow tattoo which can be well placed above the elbow.

Perfect feminine arrow tattoo for the tattoo lovers.

If you are looking for an arrow tattoo which you can place on your fingers, go with this one.

Sophisticated arrow tattoo which will suit for both male and female.

Very creatively designed and is looking delightful.

Graceful tattoo designs are always classic. We don’t have to say a lot about them.

A very normal tattoo design fro you forearm.

An angelic tattoo behind the ears. Great for shy females.

This arrow tattoo is designed texturally for giving it an excellent look.

So it goes, But where? You can say that well. Lovely tattoo idea with a text.

Go for a variety of designs, look at this something so delicate.

If you hardly want to show your tattoo to anyone, this is one will be the best selection for you.

It is important for a tattoo to be marvelous, and here is an example of it.

Very simple and classic arrow tattoo.

What does a broken arrow tattoo mean? It’s hard to tell.


Are you trying to carry an arrow tattoo on your forearm? Maybe you need it.

Tribal arrow tattoos look very masculine in men.


Maybe it can mean a lot but it’s hard to understand.

Arrow with your heartbeat graph, which means your life going ahead.

Set of arrows going in the same direction may mean something deep.

Small and simple is sometimes really gorgeous.

One big and one small arrow in a tattoo, not looking awkward.

Arrow tattoo on the side of your feet looks exquisite.

Arrow tattoo flying above your breast.

The small arrow on the side of your body which you can use to express a whole lot of things.

Lovely designed arrow tattoo design best for the females.

A small creative tattoo design which you can place anywhere in the World.

Medium sized arrow tattoo direct from the stone age.

It looks like a set of arrows from the war field.


Small and simple arrow on your back neck which looks like a drawing.

So ready for your next tattoo? It’s time to finalize your design and for that, you will have to choose the design which suits you the best. Arrow tattoos are very meaningful and so you will have to think about that also. Do a lot of research, and try to explore the inner meaning behind your arrow tattoo design. Have a great experience by getting a brand new tattoo on your body.

80 Meaningful Leaf Tattoo Designs

You see leaves around you all the time, so it normally doesn’t attract your attention. But it will surely attract your attention when you step over a dry leaf. Yes, absolutely the crunch that will come to your ear will attract you down. Actually, we will be talking about leaf tattoo designs. Nature’s creation is always interesting and it is more interesting to work on that. So let’s look up on some of the great ideas to work with leaf tattoo designs.

Leaf Tattoo Designs:

Placing a simple colorful leaf on your feet is a great idea of leaf tattoo idea.

If you think your thigh is the suitable place for placing the tattoo, go with this design.

The shape of the maple leaf is always attractive and great for both small and large tattoo.

Leaf with a butterfly looking really gorgeous on the back.

Looking for a simple leaf design? Go with this black and white tattoo.

It’s a great idea to include a different kind of leaf in a tattoo. See nicely that this tattoo portrays the different variety of leaves.

This is such a beautiful and creative design from which you can take your inspiration.

Covering your feet with a dry maple leaf is a very trendy idea.

Looking for a cute tattoo? Go with this animated tattoo design.

Getting a small tattoo on the forearm is a good idea for beginners.

Leaf tattoo is normally preferred by the women, so mostly it is designed to give a cute look.

Leaf couple tattoo is also very interesting and looks really awesome.

Crawling leaf tattoo all over your hand which is very meaningful.

There are many kinds of plants,  and it’s hard to identify them. But this one is looking charming.

Getting a leaf tattoo done all over your hand looks really delightful.

This is a simple drawing type tattoo best for your feet.

The subject of tattoo is quite interesting as you can design anything of your own with a particular meaning.

This tattoo is great for those who really love flowers.

Colorful tattoos are always attractive if you can use the colors brilliantly.

See out this brilliant realistic green tattoo great for hands.

This is a bunch of leaves included in a tattoo which looks very beauteous.

Leaves are sometimes used for decoration in a bunched form. This is something like that portrayed in this tattoo.

This is called creativity as you can see a whole landscape on a leaf.

Geometric shapes and textures are often included in many tattoo designs to make it look creative and unique. Here is an example of it.

If you are looking for a half arm graceful leaf tattoo, this looks really attractive.

Classic designs can speak a lot of things and if you can add your creativity, it will be more special.

This is a color painting themed outstanding tattoo designs coming from your shoulder till your elbow.

Though it almost looks like a feather but it is a feminine leaf tattoo that looks awesome on a back.

Watercolor themed tattoo with a text written under it. It can be marvelous if you can experiment with colors.

See a forest landscape through a leaf tattoo. Can you see the eagle and the way it is portrayed uniquely?

If you don’t like a big tattoo, you can go for a small one. Here’s an example of it.

Some people really loves the design of leaf. If you go with a leaf tattoo all over your hand, this is how it looks like.

A simple tattoo on your hand to show your love for leaves.

Though we go for small tattoos very often, but we don’t think so creatively about placing it.

A man and his eagle which you can see on the leaf tattoo.

A red dry leaf can also look attractive on your tattoo if you can make the tattoo good.

Perhaps this tattoo is worn by a Canadian as it resembles the national flag.

Leaf with a heart which is looking angelic behind the ears.

If you love simple tattoos, this leaf tattoo will be the suitable one for you.

A dried leaf on your belly is looking really awesome.

This tattoo is looking excellent as it the whole tattoo is designed in a completely different way.

A single realistic leaf on your back can change the overall look.

Can you notice the landscape on the leaf? This is the creativity of this tattoo.

A pine tree with a faded appearance on your forearm is a very trendy idea.

A simple and small tattoo above your thighs where anyone can hardly see your tattoo if you don’t show them.

This tattoo design is awesomely created with colors.

Including a medium sized leaf tattoo behind you arm can look really great.

Looking for a beautiful feminine tattoo? you can go with this lovely tattoo design idea.

Placing a leaf tattoo on your thigh can really look charming.

Two different kinds of simple leaves portrayed on a small tattoo. Maybe there is a meaning.

Leaf mean a whole lot of things, and you can portray that anywhere on your body depending on the design.

A simple leaf tattoo on the back and see how alluring it looks.

This is a structural leaf tattoo design made with textures. You can do this if you are looking for a very creative design.

You can make a similar leaf tattoo on both of your hands to show your love for the trees.

This is a leaf tattoo done in tribal theme to make it look dazzling.

Small tattoos designs can sometimes speak a lot.

Leaf in the wind, a very beautiful concept of a tattoo.

Try to add details on your leaf tattoo which makes the tattoo look great and realistic.

Such a lovely and beautiful tattoo design which is very rare and full of feminine creativity.

You can use your hand to show the motion of leaves falling in the tattoo.

Very realistic dry leaf tattoo which is good for the simple tattoo lovers.

Ohh! this is probably a complete different tattoo design you have seen here till now. It is a leaf tattoo with a branch.

A very beautiful leaf with water spots on it which is looking realistic on the tattoo.

A dog guarding his owner’s house which you can in the leaf. This is a very creative design which shows your love for both your dog and leaf.

Looking for a minimal, creative, feminine design? Look at this angelic tattoo.

A small mini leaf tattoo which anyone can hardly spot on your body.

A set of three leaves on your chest can look delightful.

What is this? Is it a leaf shaped pizza? or something else.

This tattoo is so realistic and it looks really classic.

A bunch of leaves on your feet that looks dazzling.


See this herd of birds flying away from a leaf. It is really meaningful.

Such a realistic 3D tattoo, it just looks like a real leaf stuck on your back.


This creative leaf design on the side of your body looks awesome.

Very small leaf tattoo under your wrist that looks great.


Leaf with a compass it is a very meaningful tattoo that resembles with earth.

A crawling plant tattoo all over your feet looks charming.

A small minimal leaf tattoo with a flower bud with it.

Now it’s almost unnecessary to tell you all that leaf tattoo designs comes in different shapes and sizes as there are thousands of plant species around the world and each of them comes with a unique one. Now the thing is that it’s up to you, which leaf you will be choosing for your tattoo. So before leaving, you can also check out our other various articles on tattoo designs.

80 Powerful Maori tattoo Designs With their Meanings

If you are fond of tribal tattoos, then you can obviously think of Maori tattoos as this is one of the most attractive tribal tattoo fonts nowadays. It is said that Maori tattoos have originated from New Zealand and now popular among the people all around the world. There’s a very sweet history behind the origination of Maori tattoos and if you study about the form you will come to know about that. Now lets us concentrate on some of the Maori tattoo designs that we will show you here to give a complete idea about the Maori tattoos.

Powerful Maori tattoo Designs With their Meanings:

Maori tattoos are appealing and here is an example of it.

Covering most of the upper part of your body with a Maori is a very good idea.

Maori tattoos are best for the forearms. You can get an idea of it.

Maori tattoos can be placed in almost every part of the body and it looks the best.

Maori or any other tribal tattoos look great in arms and shoulders.

Maori tattoos are very creative and carries a whole range of meanings.

Maori tattoos with some text in it will make the tattoo more attractive.

You can go for a whole back Maori tattoo.

This arm tattoo is full of charm and you can get an idea of it.

Maori tattoos needs full of detailed designs to be done on it.

Very simplistic Maori tattoo design for your forearm.

Maori mask tattoos look gorgeous on wide arms as you will be getting more space to illustrate.

Designing a Maori tattoo needs a lot of creativity and you will think the idea of portrayal.

Actually, Maori tattoos are very rare in females, but some prefer due to the creativity in it. It looks hot on female thighs.

Maori tattoos are mostly done in arms just because of it looks more elegant there.

It is almost impossible for a normal man to understand the meaning of a Maori tattoo so you will have to study a lot.

Maori tattoo with a lion face is a very unique idea.

Maori tattoos are very common with different kind of faces. So before the portrayal try to know the meaning.

Thinking about the masculinity of a Maori tattoo, you will get your answer here.

You can also get a Maori tattoo all over your feet. It also looks attractive on your leg.

Tattoo designs always depend on the body structure of the wearer.

This kind of illustrated Maori tattoos can’t be done without a professional tattoo artist.

If you are a very creative person, you can design your own tattoo like this.

If you are looking for a medium sized Maori tattoo, you can go for a design like this.

Maori shoulders tattoo covering the whole portion of a shoulder is very appealing.

Small Maori tattoos are mostly preffered by the females and it is very rare. Look at this one behind the ear.

One can never disagree that Maori tattoo designs are one of the tattoo on male which increases the masculinity factor.

Carrying a Maori tattoo needs a specific personality and that is very important.

Actually, it will look that most of the Maori tattoos are similar in design, but no they are not, rather the format is similar is similar which makes them look similar.

You can plan of covering your whole feet with a Maori tattoo. It’s a very good idea.

Creativity and basic form are the two important things needed for a tribal tattoo.

If you think you are facing a problem to design a Maori tattoo, then it will be better for you to take help from your tattoo artist.

Try to go for a realistic tattoo design that looks enticing.

Looking for a minimal Maori tattoo design, you can go with this one.

Choosing a magnificient tattoo design is not easy and here you can go with it.

Any kind of tribal tattoo designs are very graceful and you will looks really attractive.

It looks like a 3d Maori tattoo design.

Two different kind of Maori tattoo on both the legs which is very unique.

Dense tribal tattoos look very marvelous but it also needs a great personality to carry that.

Looking for a beautiful yet simple Maori tattoo design? Here’s an example of it.

If you want to show your Maori tattoo whenever you want to, it’s better to wear it on both of your feet. Whenever you want to show your tattoo, wear half pants.

This tattoo is a bit unique with a lion face which is very rare.

Colorful Maori tattoo looks very alluring, so you can give it a try.

Big Maori tattoo from thigh to feet with slight touch of colors on it.

Creative Maori tattoo looks awesome and it needs proper detailing.


Maori tattoo all over the back looks really sexy on females.

Beautiful Maori tattoo that resembles a holy cross.

Go for this trendy full arm Maori tattoo, go for this one.

Full arm Maori tattoos can look really admirable.

Minimal Maori tattoo can look great on your feet.

Muscular arm in males can look great with tattoos.

Look at this tattoo nicely and you will find a turtle inside it. It’s very meaningful.

If you are looking for a small Maori tattoo go for this on your feet.

Fish tattoo designed in a Maori theme.

As you can see the most variety of Maori arm tattoos here, you will have to select the one which suits your personality.

Half Arm Maori tattoo that is looking gorgeous.

This tattoo is a very trendy and sophistically designed to match both male and female.

If you are making Maori arm tattoo you will be getting the most independence for making the design.

Probably this Maori tattoo potrays a sun in the design.

Include all your creativity in your tattoo to make it more attractive.

Many variety of designs can be included in the Maori tattoos to make it more pictorial and meaningful.

As we have said, making a tribal design depends on some basic techniques and styles. So maori tattoos are also same.

You should go for a tattoo artist who can make such a clear tattoo design.

It’s hard to get the meaning as because it completely depends on the owner, so while making your design, you will have to understand your own design.

This full arm tattoo is very trendy and creative with a lot of design variety.

Some people like to go with a half arm Maori tattoo which also looks great.

See this tattoo is done is two color shades and hence it makes the design a bit more attractive.

You can add any design pattern of a Maori body art in your tattoo but with your own creativity.

Look at this grand mask on the chest in a Maori tattoo.

This Maori tattoo looks a bit ghostly and it can be done on the back.


Such a sexy tattoo design for a female.

This tattoo looks like something spiritual.

Another full arm tattoo with a deep tribal design.

Rarely you have seen a tattoo like this which is Maori themed but with modern inclusions.

One sided back tattoo which is very unique and attractive.

Carrying a tattoo like this needs attitude.

Maori tattoo, power packed with masculinity.

Though you will come to know that Maori is a body art form practiced among the Maori people of New-Zealand. It is mainly considered as one of the most popular Polynesian tattoos. Tribal tattoos are always considered one of the most favorite choices among the tattoo lovers. Maori tattoos are mainly preferred by the men but some women are having interest on it. Go for a professional tattoo artist to make your Maori tattoo design more perfect.d

80 More Little Tattoo Designs and their Meanings

There is a say, small things speak a lot and we think it is very true. Though small things remain unnoticed most of the time, but that’s the biggest advantage among all. You will see many people prefer having little tattoos on their body just because it remain unnoticed by others. So whether you are trying to hide your tattoo from your boss or maybe you don’t want to see your friends get a look of it, little tattoos can help you out in any purpose. Mostly it is preferred by the females but males are not an exception. So need some little tattoo design ideas? Scroll down for the besties.

More Little Tattoo Designs:

Snail tattoos are very popular and you can consider wearing it.

A eye with tears, this tattoo have a very deep meaning inside it.

Are you a pizza lover? perhaps this was the tattoo design you was looking for.

Tribal tattoo on your back looks very appealing and hot.

You can wear a small anchor tattoo on the side of your body. Because it’s one of the best place for humans to carry tattoos.

A small plant or a flower tattoo on your feet is a fantastic idea.

A sailing boat on your forearm looks realistic when you are attached with marine life.

Mountain peak tattoos are very meaningful, so you can try out this.

Love to travel all over the world or attached to the aviation industry? go for this idea.

You can think yourself as a queen with this small piece of tattoo.

Such a small elephant in a tattoo looks very cute.

If you are looking for a creative little tattoo designs, you can think of this one.

Astronomy is a very interesting subject, if you have a great interest in it, don’t miss out this amazing tattoo.

If you are a Christian and really love your religion, you can think of this holy cross tattoo.

Textural flower pattern tattoos looks very hot in females.

Yes you deserve that, a crown tattoo on your body.

Holy cross tattoos are very simple and you can wear that anywhere on your body.

Even you can mark yourself with a textual tattoo as it it looks very dazzling.

Yeah! maybe you are a swimmer or spend your life in seas, that’s the reason you can have such a meaningful small tattoo.

Have you seen such a yin yang tattoo, it’s very rare.

Anchor tattoos are very popular, so it’s always better to make it an unique one.

No one can even think it as a tattoo because of its size and design.

In some cases, special symbol carries many deep meanings.

Look at this minimal tattoo design on the arm. It’s very simple but it looks very appealing.

Only few people will dare to have this tattoo design on their fingers.

Such a creative tattoo idea you will ever see. it’s awesome.

Any kind of bird tattoo suits the females and it is their most favorite.

This is a very lovely, minimal and cute couple tattoo.

AWW! nothing can be more cute than this.

If you really love elephants, you can think of wearing a realistic elephant tattoo on your finger.

A small flower tattoo on your back neck makes you look more sexy.

Holy cross tattoo are always the best to portray your religious belief.

Heart with a knife above your waist looks dazzling.

A baby elephant looking at you from a tattoo. What can be more cute than this.

King and Queen, a perfectly themed couple tattoo to wear on the fingers.

Spider tattoos are growing its demand and it also looks very realistic on a skin.

Get an idea of another couple tattoo design with a water color theme.

Everything about astronomy, the only thing we can tell about this tattoo.

Have a look at this alluring sketch style realistic elephant tattoo.

Half moon under your wrist looks very charming. Moon is all the way attached to femininity.

Remember those childhood days of paper planes? Yes, a great tattoo to remember your childhood.

This tattoo will make you look gorgeous with a bow in it.

Geometric symbols look very hot and appealing on skin. You can try out one like this.

If you are a musician and really looking for a tiny musical tattoo, musical symbols and notes are the best.

A diamond tattoo on your body makes you look more precious.

Tattoo design depends on you and you can select any design that matches your personality.

Crown tattoos are very popular and probably you can assume that from this article.

Musical notation on your hand is probably the best thing as you use your hand to play every instrument.

Very creative and elegant small heart tattoo design for the females.

Though most of us are afraid of spiders but having a spider tattoo means a lot of things.

A very tiny and creative flower tattoo design that is looking marvelous.

Rose tattoos are very attractive and goes best with the females.

Rose tattoos can be also placed on your fingers and here is an example of it.

This water color theme based rose tattoo is looking very realistic.

A musical notation tattoo above your waist and that also represents a heart is amazing.

Crown tattoo with a word love on it can be a very gorgeous tattoo for females.

If you love mountains keep it in your mind always with a small tattoo.

This looks like celtic design

A small heart drawn as a tattoo on your hand increase the femininity.

Look at this amazing small tattoo that shows a heart in your heart beat.

Rabbits are lovely and so we keep them as pets. Rabbits are also very popular in tattoos.

A small anchor tattoo on your feet makes it look more classy.

See this lovebird couple making love with each other. A perfect couple tattoo for cute lovers.

Honey bee tattoos carries a bunch of meanings so if it matches your personality, you can think of wearing one.

A crown with the first letter of your name in the tattoo designs is a very creative idea.

Best tattoo choice for the climbers.

Are you a very wise person? then you can have a fox tattoo on your forearm.

This cute cat tattoo above your breast looks fine.

Sun and moon are regarded as a couple of sky, so you can also think of it as a couple tattoo like this.

Crown tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body because it looks good on any size.

A simple plant tattoo on the side of your body looks very nice and pleasing.

Here comes the most awaited butterfly tattoo which also look angelic and you can place anywhere. This place is good for hiding the tattoo.

Aeroplane tattoos are mostly very simplistic and don’t need a lot of decoration.

Sun tattoo on your upper back looks dazzling.

The leaf of a maple tree means a lot of things, so remember to wear it after doing a lot of research.

Geometric shapes on you fingers makes the hand more attractive.

A moon tattoo above the finger looks very cute in females.

Want to look graceful and grand? include a crown tattoo on your finger.

Actually, most of the little tattoo designs are very cute and it can be done in any part of the body because of its size. So if you are really confused with the design, shortlist some of the tattoo designs you liked the most and then think which one will match your personality. That’s the way to choose the tattoo design when you are confused. But if you are done with only a single one, start study and research about the design as you are making a permanent tattoo.