80 Unalome Tattoo Designs Every Girl Will Fall In Love With

Body art or tattoo is a form of art that is used to decorate our body. Body art is an ancient form and it is still existing today. Today we will be talking about the unalome tattoos and we will show you some lovely ideas of unalome tattoos that will inspire you to get a tattoo on your body. Actually, some people say these unalome tattoo as a female hipster tattoos, though it has no connection with it. Unalome tattoo is a spiritual tattoo which consists of spiritual symbols which are a part of Buddhism. But now it has spread all over the world among every tattoo lovers. It’s the symbol of enlightenment with some inner belief.

Unalome Tattoo Designs Every Girl Will Fall In Love With:

One of the best places to wear the unalome tattoo is the back neck.

These tattoos are mainly small in size and hence can be placed anywhere on the body.

Look at this creative tattoo design. It’s really beautiful

Unalome tattoos carry a great meaning inside it. It looks great on the side of the arms.

Tiny but beautiful. This tattoo is really beautiful.

You will hardly find a colorful unalome tattoo design, but here luckily we have found one.

Unalome tattoo designs are feminine and here is one

Anyone looking for a big tattoo design may choose this one.

Very rare and outstanding design. Unalome tattoo on the ear.

According to us, the best place to put your unalome tattoo is the arms.

Unalome tattoos on the back, not a bad idea.

Tattoos are sometimes out on the side of our body. This makes the appearance bold.

Overall, unalome tattoos have a spirituality in it. See how it looks.

This tattoo is done in a bit artistic way and it is looking gorgeous.

Tattoo design for the upper abdomen area. Not looking bad though.

You have seen similar designs here in this article, but this one is a bit different in design.

A minimal unalome tattoo which looks very sober in appearance.

Getting a tattoo on the side of the body is a great idea.

Such a beautiful and creative tattoo on the back. This one will really inspire you.

If you are shy about tattoos, but still you want to get one. This will be the perfect design choice for you.

Yes, unalome tattoos look charming anywhere you put them.

That’s a great idea looking really attractive and bold.

When you are doing a unalome tattoo, you should about the part of creativity.

If you want to get a clean and bold tattoo like this, you can give this design a try.

A mix of black and red makes this tattoo awesome.

A great idea for unalome finger tattoo.

There are a lot of unalome finger tattoo variations. You can have a look at it.

This one looks really spiritual. A perfect choice for the spiritual persons.

Unalome tattoos can be sexy too.

It’s a great idea to wear two kinds of the unalome tattoo on two legs.

Unalome tattoo merged with an arrow tattoo. It is looking trendy.

Very clean unalome tattoo, with an alphabet.

Minimal unalome tattoo idea for girls.

Want a watercolor themed unalome tattoo? Here’s one idea for you.

Small but attractive and bold one.

For girls, it is best to put an unalome tattoo in the middle of their breast.

The unalome tattoo also looks great on legs.


Very simple and minimal tattoo idea for the arm.

The best advantage for a unalome tattoo is that you can design them artistically.

Some people prefer big tattoos, though unalome tattoo is mostly designed small, she is one big tattoo design example.

This tattoo design is very creative and feminine.

It’s hard to understand the meaning of an unalome tattoo but, you should know the meaning of the one you are wearing.

Small unalome tattoos can be inked on fingers. Here how it looks.

Similar unalome tattoo on both the legs. The design also plays with shades.

This one is designed very clean and it’s looking alluring.

Design matters in the case of tattoos and so it should be considered as one of the primary features.

Simplistic designs are always glamorous and you know that.

You can get a finger unalome tattoo on the on the side of your finger.

Lovely tattoo on the feet that is looking glamorous.

It’s very rare to get a tattoo on the side of the feet.

Getting a tattoo on the upper arm is a very pleasuring idea.

If you want to give your Unalome tattoo a sexy look, go with this one.

Small and good looking tattoo design for the hand.


Unalome tattoos for the back are hot.

Want to look beautiful with a tattoo? Go with this one.

A very cute tattoo design with a divine touch.

Different kind of unalome tattoo design on the back neck.

You can try out this tattoo design alignment on your hand.

Lovely unalome tattoo on the lower neck.

A real complicated and artistic design full on the hand.

Some people have a fascination for small tattoos. This one is a good choice for them.

Another watercolor themed beautifully designed tattoo.

Unalome tattoo designed with flowers. Very unique

A magnificent tattoo design with a lovely touch of art.

This thin line unalome tattoo is something great which will suit almost every girl.

This is a thick unalome tattoo idea you can do on your hand or even anywhere else on your body.

Fascinating artistic tattoo on the forearms.

Unalome tattoo designed with a flower.

Unalome tattoos designed with a background design. Looking very unique.

This thick unique unalone tattoo is looking bold and bright.

Want a sexy tattoo on the middle of your breast? Have a look at this.

Unalome tattoos are something that’s only for the spiritual guys. According to Buddhist mythology, there’s lot of meanings behind these symbols. Unalome tattoos have its own aesthetics and the symbol depends on person to person. You have seen some great unalome tattoo designs and if you really loved it, get your next an unalome tattoo.

100 Hand Tattoo Design For Boys And Girls

People would love to shake hand with you if they see ‘that’ adorable and sexy tattoo on your hand. Period! That’s true! Hand tattoo designs for boys and girls are available in plenty of varieties i.e. from small to large, black and grey to watercolor and so on. Moreover, you can flaunt full arm tattoo design along with a catchy hand tattoo.  Now, scroll down to find out more hand tattoo designs for boys and girls.


Hand tattoo design for boys and girls


Decor your  hand with grey and black flower tattoo design, in case you need something unique.


Anchor tattoos are incomparable and are known for its connection to people.


You can unleash your inner brave heart lion with such daring lion tattoo.


Snakes and dragons are considered as best hand tattoos for men and women.


Express love, respect and affection for that goddess you have been looking for.


Mandala tattoos are terribly trendy and never out of fashion.


The day you feel wearing blue jeans since you got blue rose flower tattoo on your hand!


Vibrant and alive butterfly tattoo can add that charm and sense to your personality.


Love your kitten? Yeah, she’ll look like that in future.


3D face tattoos are best option to go for, make sure to decide the size of face.


Woah! Isn’t look like a hand of ninja warrior or army solider with hidden weapons in hand.


Another 3D hand tattoo design with an amusing vintage clock could be a perfect choice.


That’s the choice for artist soul! Draw or die! Dedicated quote to boost up your artist.


Perfect is the word to describe this well-placed, smartly designed master piece for your hand.


Realistic eye with shining and depth has lot to say and see as well.


That’s how two horrible skull can make a beautiful butterfly!


Half moon spreads light on dark night and so is this captivating tattoo design.


Another vintage clock tattoo with 3D chain and leaves, creating a complete portrait.


Ladies, you can have leopard skin if you get inked this cool and sexy tattoo design.


Flaunt your hand with a tattoo in world’s oldest language (sanskrit).


Innocent eye and glamorous lips giving this tattoo a realistic appearance.


A home inspired tattoo and quote explains how much you love your home.


Its unique design and sharp edges can gain you that stylish tattooed hand.


Compass tattoos are enticing and always look awesome.


A cute small bird tattoo design for your hand could be your best small tattoo.


Love or hate? You get what you seek and so is this outstanding tattoo design.


The moment you think out of the box and get such cool tattoo for your hand.


Add up many things and craft a combined master piece for yourself.


Sexy red flower and sinking ship creating a glamorous view and damn hot tattoo.


This hawk may lets you feel that hunting instincts inside yourself.


Guys, you got a gang, right! Such tattoos are highly popular among gangs of boys.


Admire animals and a cute deer emerging with various flowers tattoos.


Green and red leaves will leave you nothing but blessed and adorable master piece.


This angry looking tiger for your hand tattoo would be the best design.


Get inked your hands, forearm and fingers! What else you need?


A dynamic design and catchy red color is enough to swagger your hand.


Girls, don’t you avoid this tattoo if you’re looking for a heart and flower tattoo idea.


Bear hugs are adorable but not bears! Have this thrilling bear face on your hand.


3D rose tattoo design and water droplets on it giving it a seriously real look.


Small rose and a quote can be perfect hand tattoo for girls and boys.


Roses are red! But creativity is when you get inked grey rose and vibrant orange background.


Poisonous scorpion could be your best ever hand tattoo design.


Angel wings and hourglass can let you feel creative and stylish as well.


No need to say about skull tattoo!


A bird’s skull face and grey books with a fur is something totally different.


Want to feel the power of Wolverine blades or Iron man’s suit? Grab this design.


Fictional dangerous animal or monster, in case you don’t want usual lion or tiger tattoo design.


A small ship tattoo and sea waves can explain a story of hard life and brave attitude.


Giant elephant tattoo for your hand! Just look at the long teeth design!


Ladies, a rose and dark night as background has lot to make you fall in love again.


Love tattoo design could be yours, just ask your artist the way you want to get it done.


These motivational words will keep your boost up level high always.


Birds tattoos are in trend, have two birds on both hands!


Building, clock, roman numerals and a specific year? A story telling master piece.


Aww! A rose on you hand while leaves and thrones on fingers, making you bleed is complete canvas for you hand.


Need something creative and manly? Bio mechanic tattoo is for you!


Fox and fall are complementary to each other and green leaves are giving a base.


Inject yourself the power of octopus and his powerful hands and legs.

If you want to get inked for your loved ones, then you can have love tattoo for someone special. Hand tattoo is easily seen and looks inviting always, choose your best suitable design from aforesaid hand tattoo designs for boys and girls. Flaunt yourself! Have fun!