80 Cool Yin Yang Tattoo Designs

Today we will be talking about one of the most popular symbols in the world. The symbol which is known as the symbol of balance according to the Chinese philosophy is now a hot demand. Though this symbol is also known as Tai-Chi symbol but mostly known with the previous name. So anyone looking for a deep meaningful tattoo should make this one as one of their selection. Now Yin Yang tattoo has become a fashion symbol and has become a great choice for the teenagers. So want to make it a part of your fashion statement? Just go with some of these yin yang tattoo design ideas.

Cool Yin Yang Tattoo Designs:

This realistic tattoo design with a broken theme is looking very attractive.

Yin Yang tattoos can be easily taken for couple tattoos because of its two different parts.

If you are looking for a colorful yin-yang tattoo, here is an example.

Yin Yang tattoos can be designed in various ways. Have a look at this one. The funny side of a serious thing.

Yin Yang tattoo designed in the form of wings. Very creative designing.

Looking for a full back yin yang tattoo? Here is one you can think of.

Here’s one that you can say very artistic. In one word it shows the depth of art.

Very simplistic couple tattoo for the small tattoo lovers.

This one is designed in a completely different way, which will amaze you.

Yin Yang tattoo with a dragon covering it. Something very unique.

The next one is also same but with a different twist. Can you really get what we are meaning?

Dragon is the symbol of China and Yin Yang is also a very popular Chinese symbol, both can be merged in a good way.

Dreamcatcher tattoos are itself very popular. Now a Yin Tang tattoo is beautifully merged with it.

Painting themed small Yin Yang symbol that is good for minimal tattoo lovers.

Watercolor themed tattoos are now very popular.

This is a very meaningful tattoo with a touch of floral designs.

This is a very modern and trendy design with a completely different appearance.

The sun and the moon, two sides of a day, so creatively designed in the symbol.

Though you have already seen a design like this, this one carries a classic feature.

Big tattoo for the whole back. Good selection for the back tattoo lovers.

Such a lovely feminine design for back tattoo loving girls.

Another example of a couple tattoo, both makes a complete tattoo.

Beautifully designed with dots. Looking very attractive.

A lovely concept of an ancient look with a clock.

A sweet floral design on a couple.

Mandala kind of design with a Yin Yang tattoo.

An owl couple beautifully placed to form a yin yang tattoo.

Very minimal Yin Yang tattoo design for the teenage couples.

Small Yin Yang tattoo merged with a tribal theme design.

That’s called creativity. Such a beautiful scene in a yin yang.

See this amazing dragon covering the Yin Yang tattoo.

This is an artistic design with a bit of femininity.

The sun and the moon represented with the Yin Yang design.

Minimal and creative design in a lovely concept.

This is really ferocious. The design is very realistic.

You can show your love for your pet with this tattoo design.

Can you really think of a Yin Yang tattoo designed in this way?

That is the good luck fish forming the symbol.

Yin Yang tattoo with a cross. Maybe there is a deep meaning behind it.

Big Chinese good luck fish tattoo design that resembles the design of a Yin Yang symbol.

Watercolor themed beautiful and gorgeous tattoo.

Can you really notice the symbol in this design? It’s the illusion.

Fullback Yin Yang tattoo with a very attractive dragon.

Though this tattoo is not realistic, it is looking very attractive.

Being a Chinese symbol it is sometimes decorated with a ferocious dragon.


This Yin Yang tattoo is quite different and contains a deep meaning to the wearer.

If you are looking for a tattoo for your feet, go with this one.

The design is really weird and trendy but capturing the whole back.

Very minimal and small Yin Yang tattoo design which you can place anywhere on your body.


This is very rare one. Lovely Concept of designing with small parts.

Very complex and artistic design which really represents the beauty of the symbol.

That’s something very meaningful.

Yin Yang tattoo designed with a colorful flower. This is really outstanding.

Mandala kind of design with a lovely portrayal.

This is also another kind of medium sized mandala Yin Yang tattoo.

Just a small 3d style tattoo on the back for both male and female.

This is a very colorful and innovative tattoo design.

Want a trendy design like this? It is are really awesome.

Butterfly with a Yin Yang tattoo. Isn’t it great?

Classic style creative design for the forearms.

This one is really very realistic.

Colorful Yin Yang tattoo with a lovely landscape.

Great for the small tattoo lovers. Tribal style small tattoo under the wrist.

Yin Yang tattoo designed with a beautiful floral essence.

Yin Yang tattoo with tiger and dragon. Very rare kind of design style.

Looking for a simple yet big Yin Yang tattoo design? You should place this on one side of your back.

Here is one design with which you can show your love for dogs.

Want a Yin Yang tattoo on your back neck? Here is a great idea.



Colorful Yin Yang tattoos are really rare. Have a view on this one.

It is a lovely presentation with beautiful color combinations.

Looking for a spiritual one? Here it is for you.

Small and simple one for the shy people.

Sea and the sky a beautiful concept of merging both of them.

Lastly, the good luck fish as a back tattoo.

So just merge yourself with the new trends of fashion and try out the latest yin-yang tattoo design ideas. It’s a classic symbol that has all the capability to make you and your tattoo attractive. Let’s hope it represents the balance in your life.