80 Addictive Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Ideas

Dreamcatcher tattoos are very popular all over the world. Probably you also know about them. But dreamcatchers are a very creative thing. So while designing such a thing in your tattoo, you will need a lot of creative ideas. But before that do you know exactly what is dreamcatcher and why they were used? It was used to catch up all the bad dreams and bring good dreams in the house. Native Americans believed that Dreamcatchers take away all the negative energy and bring positive energy for something good. Here we have made an exclusive collection of dreamcatcher tattoo that will really inspire you all to get a dreamcatcher tattoo of your choice.

Addictive Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Ideas:

Feminine Dreamcatcher tattoo design for the back.

A great example of side body big tattoo design.

Decorating a dreamcatcher tattoo with birds is an awesome idea.

Colorful dreamcatcher tattoo idea.

That’s really creative. Dog paw tattoo merged with dreamcatcher tattoo.

You can also show your love for animals with a tattoo design like this.

Looking for a funny tattoo design? Have a look.

Dreamcatcher tattoo is most favorite among the girls. Here’s another feminine design.

Medium sized dreamcatcher tattoo for the forearms.

Looking great on thighs. It’s really great to have such a realistic tattoo.

Place it just below the waist and see the magic.

Very artistic presentation with a beguiling touch.

Very normal dreamcatcher tattoo design but looking very attractive.

People those who love minimal tattoos, select this one.

This tattoo is looking very pretty. Will suit any sweet girl.

Attractive design with a touch of vibrant colors.

You have already seen a merge of dog paw and dreamcatcher in a tattoo, this one is another.

Loaded with full of creativity and artistic touches.

Medium sized tattoo idea covering the back.

Want to cover your full back area with a dreamcatcher tattoo? This one is really alluring.

One of the most common places to ink a tattoo. Almost all tattoo designs look bold here.

Tattoo with a watercolor theme as a background.

This design is very meaningful and it is done with colors.

It’s something rare you will ever see. Dreamcatcher tattoo with a name and an ‘OM’ symbol that is very popular among the Hindus.

Normal black and white tattoo design with simplicity.

It’s just fantastic. Such a graceful tattoo design.

That’s the essence of colors. It adds some explanation in the tattoo design.

It is very common that you will see dreamcatcher tattoos with flowers. This one is a sober portrayal.

Something very trendy and modern.

Aww! such a cute and unique tattoo design. See how this elephant is included.

Big tattoos can be placed on the side body. It looks very sexy.

See another elegant tattoo design covering the side part.

Yes, it’s something gorgeous and attractive. It will just attract eyes towards it.

Dreamcatcher tattoos can be decorated very creatively. Here’s an example.

Such a clean and clear tattoo with amazing shades. It’s divine.

Great tattoo idea for the tattoo lovers. It will need a great personality to carry this one.

Colorful tattoo design for the girls. Place it on the thighs and see the magic.

Colorful dreamcatcher tattoos for the thighs. Not so realistic but looking attractive.

Now a very realistic dreamcatcher tattoo that’s very feminine in nature.

If you are looking for a big dreamcatcher tattoo for your arm, here’s a good option.

This one is not a very simple tattoo, it’s very much creative and perfect for the creative people.

Watercolor themed tattoo on the side of the body. Looking beautiful.

Blak and white medium sized tattoo with a realistic touch.

Dream catcher tattoos can be designed in many ways. Here is one artistic design.



Decorating a dreamcatcher tattoo is not that easy. It needs better skills and here is the example.

Very rare kind of design with very fine art skills.

Have you seen such a dreamcatcher tattoo design ever? Probably not, see the center of the dreamcatcher and you will see the magic.

Very creative and structural design with a deep inner meaning.

Dreamcatcher in form of a heart. Lovely concept.

Elephant head merged with a dreamcatcher, very unique and rare kind of dreamcatcher tattoo design.

Small and minimal tattoo design for the back.

Some people go for realistic designs. That’s the real choice.

Want a small feminine tattoo on your back? Consider this one as one of the best.

Dreamcatcher tattoo with a bird and peacock feathers. Looking pretty.


This is a unique kind of design with two feathers crossed with each other.

Yes, you want a small tattoo but you want to go with colors. To make a small tattoo attractive you will have to choose a design like this.

That’s something great for the minimal tattoo lovers. Small tattoo on the arms.

Adding a quote or a nice line with a dreamcatcher tattoo makes it more meaningful.

Can you really get what it is? That’s a trick. A pair of dreamcatcher tattoo making an owl. ILLUSION!

Classic and simple style tattoo best for the arms.

That’s called decorating a tattoo design. See how attractive it is looking on the side of the body.

Filling a tattoo with feminine colors make a tattoo feminine. That’s the reason you should play with colors.

Lovely dreamcatcher tattoo which you place behind the ears. Perfect sizing.

This tattoo is designed in a tribal theme that makes the arms more attractive.

Dreamcatcher tattoo with two alphabets. Isn’t it very attractive?

Position really matters for each and every tattoo design. See this one is looking perfect in the position.

Want a dreamcatcher tattoo on the feet? Check out this one.

Design matters and sees here how it’s looking on the side of the body.

Very simple and traditional kind of dreamcatcher tattoo design with a lovely presentation.

Painting style tattoo on the upper back that looks really like a water color painting.


Dreamcatcher decorated with ribbons. How is it looking?

Decorated with bright colors to make it look delightful.

Want to include a message in your dreamcatcher tattoo? Here is an idea how you can do it.

Lovely composition of black and red. You can cover the half arm with this tattoo.

Now say how you liked them? The designs are beautiful enough to impress anyone. It’s a part of the Native American culture and so if you are Native American then you don’t have any confusion to get such a tattoo. But now Dreamcatcher Tattoos are popular all over the world. So go get one.