80 Mehandi Tattoo Designs for Hands

Have you ever heard of the Mehandi designs or have you ever heard of henna? Mehandi is loved all over the world because of its intense beauty. Among the Indians, it is a ritual of wearing mehndi before any occasion as it is believed to bring good fortune. The word Mehandi comes from Sanskrit word ‘Mehandika’, which is a paste of turmeric and henna and is a vital part of the Hindu tradition and history. Since long years, various traces has been found that Mehandi was used all over the world for different purposes. Now let us look at the Mehandi tattoo designs. So if you are looking for some amazing tattoo ideas, let’s get into the article.

Mehandi Tattoo Designs for Hands:

Beautiful and creative design for the hands.

Look at this amazing floral design that’s looking lovely.

Mehandi tattoos can be of different kinds, here’s one you can go for.

This is a very trendy flower Mehandi design.

Looking for a unique and artistic design? here’s one for you.

Such a lovely and tough design to go with. You can see a beautiful peacock on the center.

Modern finger and wrist Mehandi tattoo design.

Another traditional design that looks really classic.

Minimal Mehandi hand tattoo design idea.

A mixture of various kind of design that is looking really awesome.

Lovely artistic design with realistic flowers and leaves.

This is a modern style of making two kinds of design in two different hands.

Most of the time, Mehandi tattoos are based on traditional designs, this one is also an example.

A tattoo with modern creative touch.

If you really want a simple design but with a great finish, have a look at this.

Very simple chain type tattoo design on the hand.

This is a lovely design for a teenage girl with loads of trendy touches.

Attractive traditional floral designs for the hand.

This design has a touch of tribal art that is in demand nowadays.

Lovely finger tattoo design with traditional art.

You will rarely see a pretty and clean design on the hand.

This is a designing style with jewels. Though this is temporary it looks beautiful.

Half hand complex tattoo with a peacock at the top.

Again a very trendy one that will be a great choice for the modern teenagers.

Alluring Mehandi tattoo design with a lovely combination of designs.

Though all the designs look amazing some of them are really unique.

Chain type tattoo design with a clean appearance.

This kind of tattoos is very complex. Half arm tattoo design.

One side Mehandi tattoos that look really beautiful, trendy and gorgeous.

Fantastic and ravishing Mehandi tattoo with a traditional touch.

Both hand Mehandi tattoo with a creative sense.

Floral style half hand tattoo that almost covers every part of the hand.

Flowers on the hand. How is it looking?

Suh a realistic tattoo design on the full hand.

Trendy designs are always on the demand. Anyone can go for it.

Two kinds of designs on two hands. Both are fabulous.


Glorifying design only for the hand.

Such a gorgeous Bridal Mehandi tattoo design.

This is something really appealing. You can easily go with this one.

Full hand king and queen Mehandi tattoo design for both the hands.

Mehandi on a single side of the hand. This is a new idea on trend.


This tattoo design is extremely simple but with an appealing factor.

A full hand traditional Mehandi design which is very graceful.


Both hand heavenly tattoo that suits the wedding girls.

Modern designs that look nice on girls.

Experimentation with Mehandi designs is always a great way to get new ideas.

Looking for a beguiling and realistic tattoo design that is very rare.

This one is really unique and in one word we can say something royal.

Very minimal with respect to the previous one but still very beautiful.

This one is also very minimal but looking very alluring.

Fanciable floral design that is done in an artistic way.

Ravishing Peacock Mehandi tattoo design.


While thinking about the design, the first thing you should think is the positioning of the tattoo.


Such a pretty design for pretty women.

People are now coming up with new ideas in mind. This is called creativity.

Minimal Mehandi designs only for the fingers.

Though it is a half hand design, still it is very simple and classic.

It needs a lot of skill to make out a tattoo like this.

Very trendy Mehandi tattoo design for the modern girls.

Leaf pattern tattoo design on the hand merged with a peacock.


Very simple design but mixed with different varieties.

Isn’t it really great? the design is so clean and perfect.

Mediocre level design especially for the beginners.

Textural design idea which is very unique and hard to find.

A trendy one-sided Mehandi tattoo which is looking gorgeous.

Mehandi design only for the fingers.

Looking for a pretty but simple henna design? go with this one.

Special design for those who love formal designs.

Awesome bridal collection for the women.

Playing with shades is a great factor and also a skill too. It’s outstanding.

Tribal tattoo done with Mehandi. A very good concept.

Normal design with a traditional touch.

Rose with mehandi. A very unique combination but looks beautiful and attractive.

So you have seen a different kind of designs, now the most interesting thing is that making a Mehandi design is not that easy as it looks. So you will have to grow up your skills to make the designs. Next time when you get a Mehandi tattoo, don’t forget to think about these ideas.