80 New Phoenix Tattoo Designs For 2018

Now you all know that Phoenix bird symbol is very popular as tattoos. Though there are many reasons behind its popularity and we will discuss it here in details, but first of all, we want to say that Phoenix tattoos are very demanding for both men and women and anyone can wear out these meaningful tattoos on your body to gear up the personality. But yes, you will have to carry it with an attitude. Though Phoenix tattoos are very attractive and you can go with any design or idea of your choice to suit you. So get ready to experience the trendy phoenix tattoo designs for 2018.

New Phoenix Tattoo Designs For 2018:

Normal Phoenix head tattoo on the shoulder that is looking attractive.

Medium sized phoenix tattoo design on the back.

Looking for a big phoenix tattoo design? This is really great.

This phoenix tattoo is very realistic and good for both male and female.

Looking for a tribal art? Go with a tribal themed phoenix tattoos.

Full back tattoos are always attractive. Have a look at this sketch style tattoo.

It’s very hard to get a tattoo design like this. This is something really gorgeous and spunky.

Animated phoenix tattoos look good but should be done with a great presentation.

Wonderful tattoo design with a realistic touch.

Though it’s hard to find a black phoenix tattoo, but this one is looking magnificent.

This is a lovely tattoo on the back neck. Will you really prefer it?

Though it is more like a feminine design but this one is placed on a male.

So do you want to get a phoenix bird on the forearm? Here’s an example.

Phoenix tattoo with a diamond. This is looking ferocious.

Placing a phoenix tattoo on the leg is a unique idea.

This is actually not looking like a phoenix tattoo but as an animation it’s great.

Tribal style phoenix tattoos on the side of the back.

Phoenix tattoo with a textual message on the back.

Watercolor themed artistic phoenix tattoos decorated with colors.

Colorful animated phoenix tattoo design on the shoulder.


Tribal themed phoenix tattoos are always in demand. Have a look on one of them.


Flying phoenix tattoo with a key. It’s looking very graceful.

This tattoo is done in a traditional design but looks very clean and clear.

Heavenly phoenix tattoo for the arms.

Look at this landing phoenix bird on a big shoulder tattoo.

A very realistic tattoo on the back. It’s looking ravishing.

Painting style tattoos are always very attractive. Have a look at this one.

Want to get a full leg tattoo? Here’s a gorgeous idea.

Covering a single side of a body with a phoenix tattoo is a great idea. Have a glance at this one.

Very complex and typical tattoo design with various decorating styles.

Want to get a bright tattoo like this? It’s charming.


Fiery phoenix tattoo very nicely designed with a creative aspect.

Though a very normal design by done with a lot of care.

This is again a small sized tribal tattoo design for the back.

Tribal tattoos can be done with various color combinations. Look at this example.

Such a realistic tattoo is very rare.

A tattoo that is designed minimally with outlines.

When you go for a creative tattoo, it adds some extra advantages.

This tattoo is based on pencil sketch styling.

Another full back phoenix tattoo that will blow away the mind.

Phoenix tattoos can be designed in a lot of ways, here is an outstanding example.

Want a tattoo on the side of your body? A great idea.

Dragon and a phoenix tattoo, a unique design.

Tribal style artistic phoenix tattoos for the forearms.

Good merging with a phoenix tattoo and another design.

Very realistic and artistic design on one side of the back.

Feminine style phoenix bird tattoo designed with flowers.

Looking for a forearm phoenix tattoo idea? Here it is.

Textural tattoo design on the shoulder and arm.

This one is really pretty. Beautifully designed artistic tattoo.

Phoenix bird decorated with flowers.

Any bird tattoo can be designed with lots of variety.

Lovely tribal themed tattoo on the leg.

Simple and realistic phoenix tattoo that is looking ravishing.

Sketch style artistic and creative tattoo design.

Feminine tattoo design for the side waist.

It’s looking heavenly. Beautifully colored.

Colorful tattoos are always attractive. Have a look at it.

Brownish phoenix tattoo with a lovely positioning.

Butterfly style tattoo designed in a such a creative aspect. Very unique.

Want to place a black phoenix tattoo on the breast? Go with this idea.

Forearm tattoo idea based on a tribal theme and artistic design.

Big full back tattoo for the girls. Mindblowing and attractive.

Unique kind of tattoo design with black shading.

Want a tattoo on the waist? This idea is mesmerizing.



The wonderful color combination with a feminine touch.

Canvas style big tattoo for the full hand.

Getting a phoenix tattoo done on the thighs, is a very rare idea.

That’s a really lovely concept of a phoenix tattoo.

This is a phoenix tattoo but hard to get at once because of it’s creative style.

Yes, you can say this as a merging of a peacock and a phoenix bird. Great concept.

Tribal symbols are always very bold. This is great for men.

Minimal tattoo design for the small tattoo lovers.


As you have scrolled through some exclusive designs, now it will be really easy for you to get the best design for you. Hold on, you have something more to do. Yes, you need to study about the designs and you will really feel great when you will know the inner meanings behind it. Get yourself prepared and finally get your tattoo inked on your body.