80 Celtic Tattoo Designs and Meanings

When we talk about tattoo designs, one of the most common theme you will hear about is the Celtic tattoos. It is a very ancient form of body art which is still popular in the present tattoo world. It is said that the Celtic tattoos or Celtic art is a symbol of good luck. Celtic tattoos are still very popular because of the graceful design and inner meanings. But where do these Celtic arts come from? Yes, it comes from the Celts, an Indo-European Tribe who existed in the second century B.C. From that time, Celtic art is popular and it is still a great choice among the tattoo lovers.

Celtic Tattoo Designs and Meanings:

Circle Celtic tattoo design looking very bold.

Celtic tree tattoo which carries a very deep meaning.

This is an example of simple Celtic cross tattoo which comprises of a sun and a tattoo.

A tiny Celtic symbol which is a great option for minimal tattoo lovers.

This is a lovely example of a Celtic couple tattoo.

Triangle shaped Celtic symbol tattoo for the back.

Celtic symbols are mainly complex, it’s hard to find a simple tattoo like this.

Amazing mixture of a Celtic cross tattoo with a tribal theme.

Magnificent and minimal Celtic tattoo on both the feet.

Nowadays it a trend to mix out the Celtic tattoo and a tribal tattoo together. here is an example.

Looking for a creative Celtic tattoo? get this one inked.

This is a bold Celtic tattoo which looks great behind the neck.

You can also go for a colorful Celtic tattoo. Best minimal design for the beginners.

This is a very meaningful tattoo with some dots and knots.

Celtic small tattoos are very graceful.

A dragon tattoo inked on a Celtic theme. It’s looking awesome.

Colorful Celtic band tattoo with a bright color.

This circle tattoo is not that complex but may have a very deep meaning behind the design.

You know that Celtic tattoos are very complex and it is tough to make a tattoo like this.

Medium sized Celtic tattoo within a colored circle.


The Celtic cross symbol is generally put on top of a circle that resembles the sun.

Small Celtic design but very deep in complexity.

Very attractive cross tattoo design based on the Celtic theme.

Unique Celtic tattoo design for the arms.

This is a very realistic cross tattoo design best for the arms.

Looking for a simple Celtic cross tattoo design? Have a look into this one.

This one is a core designed Celtic tattoo with some alphabets.

This Celtic tattoo is very creatively designed. You can give it a try.

Full arm and shoulder colorful Celtic tattoo design for both male and females.

Small and beautiful tattoo for the minimal tattoo lovers.

A Celtic triangle decorated in a different way which is very meaningful.

Including a single Celtic symbol in a big tattoo makes it very attractive.

This core realistic tattoo with cracks all over it is looking charming.


When both of you are getting a tattoo in a couple, both of them should have a resemblance.

Pretty and feminine tattoo for the girls.

Skull tattoo in a Celtic theme. It’s looking hot.

Simple tattoo but big in size.

Graceful couple tattoo idea for the Celtic design lovers.

Skull tattoo with a Celtic triangle tattoo.

Can you identify the below thing? It’s an anchor tattoo designed so beautifully in a Celtic theme.

Big Celtic cross tattoo for the big tattoo lovers.

Green Celtic tattoo on the side chest.

Triangle tattoo designed in a Celtic theme.

Look here a dragon covering the Celtic cross. There’s a great meaning behind this tattoo.

Great skill needed to make out this big and complex tattoo.

A Very rare Celtic structure designed for the back. Great color combination.

Celtic tattoo designed with flowers and leaves for good luck.

Flowers can add beauty in anything. Look here is an example.

An example of similar couple tattoo design that is minimal. The design is trendy.

Celtic art with lions roaring. It’s looking hot nd sexy.

Colorful and trendy shoulder Celtic tattoo design with a dog.

Ravishing tattoo design for the men.

Sucha ferocious masculine tattoo for the arms. It needs a personality to carry.

Colorful and feminine small tattoo for the back.

This tattoo is looking great on the back neck. great choice of design.

Looking for a full hand tattoo? You can have a look at this one.

Rugged tattoo design but looking very engaging.

Unique kind of arresting cross tattoo design you can hardly avoid.

Great warrior tattoo with Celtic backgrounds.

This common Celtic triangle design for the feet.

getting a Celtic symbol tattoo is a very good idea.

A sword tattoo designed in Celtic theme.

Celtic cross tattoo with a trendy touch of creativity.


Want a minimal but trendy Celtic tattoo idea? Go for this one.

Again a lovely couple tattoo design with a minimal touch.

Similar design for the back neck.

Have a look at this one. It’s looking so attractive.

Artistic feminine tattoo design for the waist.

Maybe these designs are thousand years old, but there are still modern and people are still attracted to it. Perhaps you have noticed that this Celtic arts are almost like a knot work. The designs are itself very complex and that’s the reason to get a Celtic tattoo you will need a good tattoo artist. Check out the other articles on our blog and you will also find more tattoo designs of your choice.