80 Lion Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Men and Women


You may have heard of lion tattoos or Leo tattoos, but have you seen them in real? Yes, often we hear about many different tattoo designs and ideas but we hardly get to see them. Lion tattoos or you may say Leo tattoos are very popular around the world and men are more attracted towards it. But nowadays, females are also showing interest in lion tattoos. But how the lion tattoo actually looks? Actually, lion tattoo can be made in a variety of designs and here you can see a huge collection of designs that are exclusive. So don’t miss it out.

Lion Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Men and Women:

Finger tattoos are now very popular. Get this realistic lion tattoo on your finger.

Tattoos can be made in different forms, here this lion face is done creatively.

Tribal themed lion tattoo on the arms.

Lion tattoo decorated with flowers and plants.

If you are looking for a realistic lion tattoo, go for this one.

Big lion tattoo for people with wide arms.

Modern textural lion tattoo designed with great skill.

Painting themed lion tattoo with different colors.

Feminine lion tattoo for the females

A fascinating tattoo was done with a base of geometric shapes.

Crown tattoos are very popular and here it has been merged with a lion tattoo, portraying the lion king theme.

Ferocious tattoo of a lion done on the hand. This mainly suits a man.

Pretty lion tattoo with a lovely design.

If you want a lion tattoo on the back, go for this one.

Tribal art tattoo for the shoulder. This is a great example of shoulder tattoo.

It’s very rare you will see the tattoo on the hand, here is an example of lion tattoo.

Lion king tattoo is very trendy, you can go for it.

It is looking like a painting rather than a tattoo, great art piece.

Stunning tattoo design with even a shadow.

This tattoo is a symbol of royalty. Have a look how this lion is decorated.

This tattoo is not very realistic but very good looking.


Feminine lion tattoo design best for the back.

Animated lion face which is very unique.

Graceful lion tattoo for the thighs or wide arms.

When thinking of a lion tattoo, some people look for tribal designs and ideas. Here is one you can go with.

Ravishing lion tattoo design for the forearms.

Lion with a crown. A perfect combination.

If you want a full hand tattoo decoration, this design is perfect.

This tattoo is looking very realistic.

Finger tattoo with a lion face.

This lion tattoo is a pencil sketch themed.

This is a great choice for people looking for simple lion tattoo.


Here the lion is looking very handsome right? Lion tattoo for the thighs.

Very meaningful tattoo with a lion inside a heart.

Colorful lion tattoo designed in a unique way.

Looking for a lion face tattoo for your arms? Check out this one.

That’s a great Leo tattoo if you really have faith in astrology.

Watercolor themed lion tattoo for the arms.

Look at this beguiling lion tattoo on the finger.

Very artistic and colorful lion tattoo which looks good for both male and female.

Textural lion tattoo which is very trendy in design.

Lion decorated in tribal accessories, very trendy presentation of a lion tattoo.

This tattoo looks very realistic. The best place to get this tattoo is the arm.

Some people like to get a minimal small tattoo. This looks really awesome above the wrist.

Wow! creativity can change anything. This is really fanciable.

Floral lion tattoo design for the thighs.

An ideal choice for the painters. This lovely tattoo is looking great on the thighs.

Look at the eyes of the lion in the tattoo. That speaks everything.

This textural lion face tattoo or you may say a line tattoo is gorgeous

A lion with flowers that is shows the divinity.

The ferocious face of a lion face says everything about a lion’s anger.

This is a very meaningful tattoo, a lion face, and some text.

This one is very cute. A lion mother with her baby. It suits any female.

Do you think yourself a king or you want to live with royalty?  Think of this lion tattoo, You can carry this one.

Elegant and artistic lion tattoo design which you can place anywhere on the body.


See the lion in this tattoo resting. It looks so heavenly.

Animated and colorful lion tattoo on the which looking funny and cute at the same time.

This lion tattoo is looking very attractive because of the tribal theme.

Minimal tribal lion tattoo for any part of the body.


This lion tattoo is looking appealing on the feet.


Want a minimal Leo tattoo? Wear it behind the ear.


This watercolor lion tattoo which can put on the side of the chest.

This tattoo is very gorgeous. Very magnificent choice.

Want to portray your inner self? Get this tattoo done to look ferocious.

A lion portrayed above an iron shield. It represents protection and power.

Tiny lion tattoo for the females and males. It looks cute.

Just a beautiful tattoo which you can place on the back.

Very charming tattoo design for the thighs.

If you want a big full back tattoo, it’s better to go with this astonishing tattoo design.

Want to show the peaceful side of a lion? This tattoo is the best.


Alluring tattoo design for the hand.


Decorative tattoos are always attractive looking. It’s looking hot.

So lions are king of jungles and you don’t dare to avoid them. You have seen various kind of lion tattoo designs and now it’s time to get one for you. You can make your design by getting inspired or you may choose one design from here. It depends on you and you can get a tattoo of your own choice. But if you liked our collection, then please do share with others.