80 Oh – So Cute Tiny Tattoo Designs

For people, those who are used to tattoos, big tattoos are not a big problem. But those who are getting a tattoo for the first time will face a lot of issue with the size. So for the beginners, size matters a lot. Also, there are many reasons for which people can’t go for a big tattoo. But there is nothing to get de-motivated. Though big tattoos are more attractive, tiny tattoo designs are also not an exception. If you can go for a good tattoo design, your tiny tattoo will also speak a lot. Look at some of these lovely tiny tattoos design which will make your day.

Cute Tiny Tattoo Designs:

Small grasshopper tattoo that is looking very realistic.

Fingers are one of the best places to get a tiny tattoo. Look at this bow tattoo.

Have a secret love for felines? It’s time to make it public.

Very rare shell tattoo design which carries a great meaning.

These minimal tattoos are great and it is nothing less than an illustrative tattoo.

Funny ghost tattoo which hardly needs any explanation.

This a cute and tiny feminine tattoo which is looking very realistic.

Get a word inked on your body. Words are very powerful.

Though mountains are big but mountain tattoos can be tiny.

Dog paw tattoo looks very cute on legs.

We are fascinated about diamonds. It is beautiful. Why not get a tattoo of it?

Small heart key tattoo which may be tiny but is very meaningful.

Females love butterfly tattoos, here is an idea of it.

Origami tattoos are now very demanding. It can be made small.

Elephants are cute when they are drawn small. A small elephant on a tattoo looks lovely.

Anchor tattoos are very popular. This anchor tattoo is looking very bold.

Tribal tattoos are very appealing and here is an example of it.

Here is an idea of realistic flower tattoo idea for your forearm.

Getting a realistic tattoo is very tough. This cat tattoo is looking very realistic tattoo on a finger.

Small and cute heart tattoo on the side of the leg.

Elephants, when drawn in small size looks too cute.

Symbolic tattoos have inner meanings and often it also looks beautiful.

This nail art is beautiful, but look at the tattoo, it looks so lovely.

Wow! a Conch shell tattoo, very rare and unique.

Small rose tattoo on the finger. It’s elegant.

Star tattoo is very popular, you can make a star tattoo on the feet.

This is a very minimal three dot tattoo with a  lot of meanings.

Thunder tattoo is something, you will hardly see. Here is an example.

Eye tattoo on the back means a lot of things.

Artistic designs look beautiful on tattoos. Have a look on this.

This a rosary tattoo below which is small and looking divine.

So realistic butterfly tattoo on the feet.

We can identify the letter as H. Yes alphabet tattoos keep many of your things private.

Simple star tattoo for your fingers.

Tiny heart tattoo which you can place anywhere on your body.

A hand full of flowers for somebody.

A great tattoo choice for the musicians, lovely musical notes behind the ears.

This funny cat tattoo can really attract anyone.

Star tattoos are very common, but this one is very unique.

Small star tattoos all over your fingers, looks delicate.

This is a kind of unalome tattoo for the waist. It’s looking bold.

Leaf tattoos are sometimes very meaningful to the wearer.

Danger skull tattoo. Though it is looking funny.

This is a small sea wave tattoo on the side of the feet. It is looking very feminine.

Flower tattoos are very demanding. Here is one you can have a look.

Again a realistic flower tattoo for the arm.

Do you love a panda? Yes, pandas are a very cute creature. Get a tattoo of them.

This is flower ring tattoo with a text in it. This tattoo is very pretty.

This tattoo is an example of artistic butterfly tattoo.

This meaningful horseshoe tattoo is very rare and cute.

A small pair of heart tattoo, that may have some deep meaning behind the design.

Tiny heart tattoo with a knife inside it.

Love to work with yarn? get this lovely yarn roll tattoo.

Bow tattoos are very common among females, You can get this one on the back side of your wrist.

This elephant head tattoo is very realistic.

A small star tattoo behind your ear makes you look bold.

Celtic tattoo designs are very appealing and it looks great.

Very artistic tiger tattoo done beautifully with a message.

Anchor tattoos can be placed behind your ears. This design is for those who are looking for a simple one.

AWW! this elephant tattoo is something beyond cute.

Grass flower tattoo was drawn on the feet.

Minimal flower tattoos for the feet.

Hibiscus flower tattoo on the front waist. Very sexy.

Heartbeat tattoo on the finger.

Musical tattoo, inked very creatively forming a heart.



Funny tattoo forming a cute cartoon character.

This elephant tattoo is so cute that you can’t even take away your eyes.

Tiny cat tattoo for the fingers.


This is a honey bee tattoo which is very rare.

Artistic floral design for the foot.

Again an artistic design that makes your finger looks beautiful.

This small sun tattoo on the back is looking living.

A small flower tattoo which you can place on any finger.

Realistic and colorful flower tattoo which you can place anywhere on your body.

Lovely cat tattoo for the for the feline lovers.

This small bow tattoo made with dots is awesome.

Fish tattoo designed in a watercolor theme.

Now you got a clear idea about how tiny tattoos can be made attractive. So if you are facing any problem about getting a big tattoo design, you can easily go for a tiny tattoo design which will also serve you the same purpose. But making a good tiny tattoo needs the skill of a professional tattoo artist. Try to consult tattoo artists and make them understand which tattoo design you want to get inked on your body. You will be getting a good tattoo on your body.