80 Trendy Single Line Tattoo Designs

For a normal guy, a simple line tattoo may be a minimalistic tattoo idea. But for a creative person, it is something beyond that. Simple tattoos may carry a very deep meaning. In other words, the line tattoos are for people those who want a meaningful tattoo but in a minimalistic design. So these tattoo ideas can make a bold statement in a very small space. Isn’t it very interesting? Yes, if you don’t have a look on this article, you are going to miss something very special. Line tattoo designs are in trend all over the world and it’s better to go with the trend.

Trendy Single Line Tattoo Designs:

Your heartbeat graph as a tattoo. It’s very cute and a great choice for both male and female.

Geometric shapes are always on the trend. See how bold it looks.

Sea waves are something that is very special to the marine workers. A good selection for them.

A beautiful flower on a beautiful hand. Looking so feminine.

The holy cross tattoo is a good choice for those who have a great love for their religion.

Rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world, having a tattoo of it is not a bad idea.

3D tattoos are really attractive. It looks very alluring.

Have a look at this single line face tattoo. It’s very good looking.

Very artistic leaf tattoo with a glance of inner meanings.

Maybe the line is thick but it can also be regarded as a single line tattoo.

Have a great love for mathematics? This can be your tattoo option.

Lovely designed single line heart tattoo on the forearm.

It is really hard to imagine such a tattoo can be drawn in a single line.

Sea wave in a single line. Maybe the design is too minimal, but have deep meaning.

Symbolic tattoos look very very bold as symbols are created with a lot of studies.

One hand holding the other, this can be a great couple tattoo if you think so.

Very simple moon tattoo on the finger. It can be preferred by both men and women.

Cute clouds on one hand of the couple. Very unique and rare couple tattoo idea.

Simple full lines circling your hand. It makes out a tribal appearance.

Looking for an amazing anchor tattoo? you can go with this one. You will hardly see such a design.

Have a glimpse of this cute camel on the forearm.

If you have a tattoo on other parts of the body and now want a tattoo on the chest, this structural symbols will make you attractive.

Mountains and glaciers all in your hand.

This one is for those who have a great love for minimal tattoos and don’t want to show it to many people.

Have you ever imagined a feather can be shown like this? No never.

See this awesome structure done in the tattoo. It’s looking so elegant and bold.

This may be a dog or a fox and that show the love for animals.

A single line joining some stars. Look this is so graceful.

Clean and clear heartbeat tattoo on a single line. Even there is a name written on it.

This is a very simple triangle tattoo but it is looking so delightful.

See this cat tattoo designed in a structural way. It’s looking great in the forearm.

These simple lines are making something great. Tribal tattoos make up great decorations.

A single line covering your hand? Isn’t it amazing? This can also be a tattoo.

See this attractive elephant tattoo that can make your shoulder look more stunning.

Lovely single line penguin tattoo that will suit almost anyone.

These simple colorful line tattoos will actually look awesome on girls.

This small cat tattoo is for a cat owner or anyone who is a great cat lover.

Single line face tattoos really look awesome and bold.

A very beautiful and structural elephant tattoo that looks great on arms or thighs.

This looks like a fingerprint and this tattoo design is really exclusive for someone who is looking for a creative design.

Clean flower tattoos are very beautiful and it carries a lot of different dog meanings.

Heart beat tattoos are really pleasant looking and graceful.

A set of lines drawn on the forearms looking really gorgeous.

Single line mountain tattoos look great on both females and males.

A single line on the fingers that is looking tricky.

A simple and very minimal single line on a single finger.

Tribals arts are always very attractive. Now you can see how it looks on a hand.

Two set of lines that on the backhand. That is looking exquisite.

You are looking for a very simple feminine single line tattoo, have a look at this one. It’s looking decorative.

Single line all over your back is also a great design idea. Example os a big single line tattoo.

Heart Beat tattoo on the side of the finger. Very small but attractive.

Symbols are always very dashing and it is looking spunky.

Small single line mountain tattoo behind the wrist.

Penguin tattoos are very meaningful. It is looking beautiful.


Shapes all over the hand which is looking so artistic.

So artistic and meaningful tattoo that is looking great.

Art can define almost anything. This tattoo is an idea of it.

Tribal decorative art with a very beautiful conception.

A tattoo that is looking like a string on the wrist.

Attractive arrow tattoo looking like a band.

Lovely finger cross tattoo on both the hands.

Single line tattoo looks the best on tribal designs.


Single sea wave tattoo on the hand.

A watercolor themed tattoo which is looking heavenly.

Looking for a puzzling tattoo? Here it is on the elbow.

Geometric tattoos are something that looks great as a tattoo.



Two set of lines on the forearm.

Line and dots that are joined in such a way that’s looking like an interfering two lines. You know well that dots make lines.


A full body sketch on the side on the hand. Great idea.

This looks like two lines drawn with a pencil.

Line tattoo covering the whole body wth such an alluring illustration.

A colorful line on the feet, you can place this tattoo anywhere on your body.


Single line tattoos are very special nowadays, as it is growing its demand day by day. Being a tattoo lover, perhaps you have understood how attractive the single line tattoo designs look. It is something beyond you can think of. You had a look at all of these designs, and now it is time to get a new tattoo of yours. Good wishes for your new inked design.

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