80 Cute and Artistic Finger Tattoo Designs

If you are very interested in getting a tattoo but feeling shy about a big tattoo design, you should go for subtle tattoo designs that will suit you the most. But the question is where you will place your subtle tattoos? Do you have any idea? The best place to wear a subtle tattoo is the fingers. You can show your tattoo to whom you want and again you can hide it from one whom you don’t want to see your tattoo. So it’s a great advantage you will be getting. So don’t waste your time and get an overall idea about the finger tattoo designs which are trending all over the world.

Cute and Artistic Finger Tattoo Designs:

That’s a ‘tiger on your finger’. Good combination, though.

Tiny creative finger tattoo design with a touch of femininity.

You can choose any design and that depends on your thinking.

Beautiful Leaf tattoo on your fingers. A very colorful choice.

For animal lovers, an animal tattoo is a symbol very close to their personality.

Though this is a full hand tattoo but you can take an inspiration of your own finger tattoo.

Symbolic representations are always attractive as it becomes hard for anyone to decode.

Same here like the previous one, so you can think of a symbolic representation.

If you are looking for a both hand finger tattoo, this one can be the best.

Beautiful artistic finger tattoo that is full of inner meaning.

Maybe this is a wave or something else, it’s hard to get right as portrayed in a completely different way.

Signs and symbol are a great idea for finger tattoos.

Perfect tattoo choice for the musicians.

Feathers are always artistic and it looks creative on fingers.

Rose is special to everyone and when you have it in your hand, you are going to be special.

Yes, you can also place an owl on your finger. They look unique everywhere.

To show your spirituality, a holy cross finger tattoo is an ultimate choice.

Creating up something creative is always a good idea for you.

Arrow tattoos are very minimal and it’s always better choice for the minimal tattoo lovers.

A small holy cross tattoo which will portray your love for religion and will also not look very bright.

Though here you can see a lot of ideas, but the finger tattoo idea is what we collected it for.

Solar system on your hand? Not a bad idea.

A butterfly is always elegant. It’s hard to get such a small detailed tattoo, but if you get a good artist, go for it.

Good couple tattoo, but both are different in design. Try to choose the same design in case of couple tattoos.

Wow! this is the only word we can say. It so trendy, feminine and artistic.

Something really artistic and creative.

Creative tribal arts all over the hand and fingers are rare and graceful.

A small flower art can change the appearance of your finger.


You have seen a beautiful butterfly tattoo just above a few ideas. This one is also very beautiful.

Honey bee tattoos are very cute and when done in this way.

Looking like a Celtic tattoo design, but looking gorgeous.

It’s divine and it doesn’t need any more word.

Such a lovely musical notation tattoo which looks like a ring.

Being a dog lover, now you can place your dog picture in your fingers.

What a funny idea? Great for funny people. Very rare.


Maybe there’s a great meaning behind the tattoo but it’s looking very minimal.

Another beautiful tattoo idea with a heart on your fingers and the heart drawn in textures.

Rosary tattoos are great if you can really carry it.

See this so tiny giraffe, standing on your fingers.

That means something beyond infinity.

This small arrow tattoo is looking really charming.

This lovely marine couple tattoo is great couple tattoo who is associated with marine life.

Looking like a equals to a symbol, but maybe there’s a different symbolic meaning behind it.

King and queen crown tattoo are very popular finger tattoo idea.

A reindeer on your finger, have you ever imagined of it?

This is a really looking spiritual and divine. So attractive and beautiful.

‘Believe’, one of the most important things in your life.

Look at this beautiful Peacock feather tattoo.

It’s hard to get which tattoo is this, but it is looking awesome.

Some tattoos are really hard to understand, but there remains a lot of meaning behind it.

Such artistic full circle tattoo. Lovely idea.

Look at this cute elephant finger tattoo.

Ha ha! A perfect choice for funny people.

… perhaps continued. You will have to wait for that.

Almost everything on your fingers. Something rare and charming.

Have a great love for fox? This colorful fox tattoo is the perfect one for you.

A textural tattoo designed in a tribal theme which is looking very delightful.

Very minimal tattoo with a variety of meanings inside it.

Ohh! this lovely cute bow look is very feminine because of its color.

Show your love for someone with this amazing and small heart tattoo.

Mr. and Mrs. that means a married couple with a creative finger couple tattoo.

Love is infinite and you can’t see the end of it. Portraying your love with an infinite symbol makes a great tattoo.

‘KNOW HOPE’ that’s the thing written in this tattoo, but the meaning is unknown. But it’s looking glamorous.

You should like a gold always and pass out the message to others with your tattoo.

An ideal choice for the musicians who love to keep a lovely minimal finger tattoo.

Black and white classic bow tattoo that looks classy with a colorful nail polish.

Star means a lot and there are hundreds of meaning associated with the star. You have to choose for what you are making it.

A lotus tattoo on your hand makes it divine.

A tribal design which looks a fascinating look.

Three dots define a continuation, but the continuation of what? That’s your own secret message.

Symbols are widely used in tattoos, here you can see an arrow is divided into three parts are portrayed on the tattoo.

As we have said, the symbols are very widely used in various kind of tattoos. Have a look at this one. It’s alluring.

Don’t have a ring or you don’t like to wear a ring? No matter, you can choose a ring couple tattoo.

Now you can think of decorating your fingers without jewelry. Have a glimpse of this amazing design.

Animal skull tattoos are very famous inking design, but the design is not for everyone. Before you go with such a design, think twice.

So you want to hide your tattoo between fingers? Or maybe you can cover your tattoo with a ring, you can do anything you want with your finger tattoo designs. But you will have to choose the one suitable for your personality. Go ahead and make a beautiful tattoo on your finger to show your creativity without feeling shy.