80 Oh – So Cute Tiny Tattoo Designs

For people, those who are used to tattoos, big tattoos are not a big problem. But those who are getting a tattoo for the first time will face a lot of issue with the size. So for the beginners, size matters a lot. Also, there are many reasons for which people can’t go for a big tattoo. But there is nothing to get de-motivated. Though big tattoos are more attractive, tiny tattoo designs are also not an exception. If you can go for a good tattoo design, your tiny tattoo will also speak a lot. Look at some of these lovely tiny tattoos design which will make your day.

Cute Tiny Tattoo Designs:

Small grasshopper tattoo that is looking very realistic.

Fingers are one of the best places to get a tiny tattoo. Look at this bow tattoo.

Have a secret love for felines? It’s time to make it public.

Very rare shell tattoo design which carries a great meaning.

These minimal tattoos are great and it is nothing less than an illustrative tattoo.

Funny ghost tattoo which hardly needs any explanation.

This a cute and tiny feminine tattoo which is looking very realistic.

Get a word inked on your body. Words are very powerful.

Though mountains are big but mountain tattoos can be tiny.

Dog paw tattoo looks very cute on legs.

We are fascinated about diamonds. It is beautiful. Why not get a tattoo of it?

Small heart key tattoo which may be tiny but is very meaningful.

Females love butterfly tattoos, here is an idea of it.

Origami tattoos are now very demanding. It can be made small.

Elephants are cute when they are drawn small. A small elephant on a tattoo looks lovely.

Anchor tattoos are very popular. This anchor tattoo is looking very bold.

Tribal tattoos are very appealing and here is an example of it.

Here is an idea of realistic flower tattoo idea for your forearm.

Getting a realistic tattoo is very tough. This cat tattoo is looking very realistic tattoo on a finger.

Small and cute heart tattoo on the side of the leg.

Elephants, when drawn in small size looks too cute.

Symbolic tattoos have inner meanings and often it also looks beautiful.

This nail art is beautiful, but look at the tattoo, it looks so lovely.

Wow! a Conch shell tattoo, very rare and unique.

Small rose tattoo on the finger. It’s elegant.

Star tattoo is very popular, you can make a star tattoo on the feet.

This is a very minimal three dot tattoo with a  lot of meanings.

Thunder tattoo is something, you will hardly see. Here is an example.

Eye tattoo on the back means a lot of things.

Artistic designs look beautiful on tattoos. Have a look on this.

This a rosary tattoo below which is small and looking divine.

So realistic butterfly tattoo on the feet.

We can identify the letter as H. Yes alphabet tattoos keep many of your things private.

Simple star tattoo for your fingers.

Tiny heart tattoo which you can place anywhere on your body.

A hand full of flowers for somebody.

A great tattoo choice for the musicians, lovely musical notes behind the ears.

This funny cat tattoo can really attract anyone.

Star tattoos are very common, but this one is very unique.

Small star tattoos all over your fingers, looks delicate.

This is a kind of unalome tattoo for the waist. It’s looking bold.

Leaf tattoos are sometimes very meaningful to the wearer.

Danger skull tattoo. Though it is looking funny.

This is a small sea wave tattoo on the side of the feet. It is looking very feminine.

Flower tattoos are very demanding. Here is one you can have a look.

Again a realistic flower tattoo for the arm.

Do you love a panda? Yes, pandas are a very cute creature. Get a tattoo of them.

This is flower ring tattoo with a text in it. This tattoo is very pretty.

This tattoo is an example of artistic butterfly tattoo.

This meaningful horseshoe tattoo is very rare and cute.

A small pair of heart tattoo, that may have some deep meaning behind the design.

Tiny heart tattoo with a knife inside it.

Love to work with yarn? get this lovely yarn roll tattoo.

Bow tattoos are very common among females, You can get this one on the back side of your wrist.

This elephant head tattoo is very realistic.

A small star tattoo behind your ear makes you look bold.

Celtic tattoo designs are very appealing and it looks great.

Very artistic tiger tattoo done beautifully with a message.

Anchor tattoos can be placed behind your ears. This design is for those who are looking for a simple one.

AWW! this elephant tattoo is something beyond cute.

Grass flower tattoo was drawn on the feet.

Minimal flower tattoos for the feet.

Hibiscus flower tattoo on the front waist. Very sexy.

Heartbeat tattoo on the finger.

Musical tattoo, inked very creatively forming a heart.



Funny tattoo forming a cute cartoon character.

This elephant tattoo is so cute that you can’t even take away your eyes.

Tiny cat tattoo for the fingers.


This is a honey bee tattoo which is very rare.

Artistic floral design for the foot.

Again an artistic design that makes your finger looks beautiful.

This small sun tattoo on the back is looking living.

A small flower tattoo which you can place on any finger.

Realistic and colorful flower tattoo which you can place anywhere on your body.

Lovely cat tattoo for the for the feline lovers.

This small bow tattoo made with dots is awesome.

Fish tattoo designed in a watercolor theme.

Now you got a clear idea about how tiny tattoos can be made attractive. So if you are facing any problem about getting a big tattoo design, you can easily go for a tiny tattoo design which will also serve you the same purpose. But making a good tiny tattoo needs the skill of a professional tattoo artist. Try to consult tattoo artists and make them understand which tattoo design you want to get inked on your body. You will be getting a good tattoo on your body.

80 Mind Blowing Watercolor Tattoos

A special Skill is needed to make out experimental tattoos, and the professional tattoo artists, who spend most of their time in coming up with new ideas are the main legends of the tattoo world. Nowadays a special kind of tattoo design which we call watercolor tattoos are being popular day by day. It is increasing its demand with time just because of the realistic appearance and beautiful themes. Apart from all these, watercolor tattoos look very attractive on our skin.

Mindblowing Watercolor Tattoos:

Transparent flower tattoo for the arms.

Lovely girl face and butterflies painted on a tattoo.

Completely artistic touch is making this look appealing.

Painting a flower on a watercolor theme is really interesting.

Creative tattoos carry a different kind of deeper meanings. You can go with this one.

See this lovely tree tattoo that will make you happy.

The whole world map on your back.

Fox tattoos on the thighs look so attractive and mind blowing.

This lovely magic lamp tattoo decorated with flowers is looking heavenly.

The next is a spiritual tattoo with a deep message.

See this stunning tree tattoo decorated with dark colors.

Watercolor origami tattoo on the side arm. Great Idea.

Beautiful blue flower tattoo looking magnificent.

Very beautiful and meaningful tattoo best for the back.

So cute elephant tattoo which you can place anywhere on the body.

If you are looking for a graceful flower tattoo, this one should be your choice.

Very trendy hourglass tattoo for the trendy people.

Birds are fascinating and when you wear a bird tattoo, it consists of beautiful meanings.

Though it’s not that realistic,but still water color theme makes the tattoo lively.

Feather tattoos are very popular it can be done in a lot of ways. It’s the place where you can show your artistry.

Artistic tattoos like this are always in demand.

If you really love your dog, get a creative tattoo like this.

Another tattoo for the pet lovers, remember your cat with a tattoo.

Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds. See the beauty of a peacock feather tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos are very feminine. So a great choice for girls.

Bird tattoos can also be artistic. Here is an example.

A lovely landscape for your back.

Animated feather tattoo which is looking very cute.

Do you really have a great love for polar bears? Have a look on this polar bear tattoo.

See this lovely peacock feather tattoo on the arm.

Creatively colored feather tattoo for the shoulder.

Very meaningful heart tattoo for a girl.

This flower tattoo is very realistic and it’s looking great o the forearms.

Very artistic feather tattoo for your forearm.

Lovely tattoo design for your forearm.

Skull tattoos are very rare but watercolor themed skull tattoo looks very appealing.

See this reindeer with a fictional color theme.

See this elegant and colorful deer tattoo.

Feather tattoos are a great choice for females, You can get it done.

Very meaningful tattoo, an infinity symbol with dog paws and a heart symbol.

If you are looking for a big flower tattoo, this one is just awesome.

Have a look on this beautiful clover tattoo design with a heart with it. This tattoo carries a very deep meaning.

Phoenix bird is very charming it looks good in tattoos.

Lovely romantic girl tattoo with an umbrella.

Jellyfish look awesome and see how it looks in a tattoo.

Ideal queen tattoo for the girls.

Creative circle tattoo for couples.

Artistic heart tattoo which you can place on your thighs.

Some people like realistic tattoos, again some like artistic tattoos, this is one is for the artistic people.

One to have a textual message tattoo? follow this idea.

Creative tattoos are hard to understand in some cases but they are meaningful.

A girl smoking tattoo. Very unique and rare.

Lovely and realistic flower tattoo design for the watercolor tattoos.

Want to have a fish tattoo? Look at this one.

Very realistic, but portrayed with a very creative design.

Abstract art tattoos are very rare. As this one is an artistic tattoo, you can see an abstracticism.

Clean and stunning tattoo design. Good choice for the teenagers.

Star and birds amalgamated in such a beautiful way.

Big watercolor themed wolf tattoo for your upper arm.

Wing tattoos are very popular all over the world. You can consider having one.

A very colorful touch on your chest.

Sea wave tattoo on the side of your body. Very realistic and good idea.

Artistic and cute wing tattoo on the back.

Dog paw tattoo with heart. merged in a very exquisite way.

This flower tattoo is looking very bright and colorful.

Sea wave tattoos are very interesting and you can make them in any shape.

Making a portrait of someone in a tattoo design is very rare. You can try out that.

A colorful tree with a touch of bright colors. Isn’t it interesting?

See this peacock feather tip tattoo. It’s is so realistic and attractive.

Colorful watercolor flower tattoo that looks great on forearms.

It’s a great way to write something textual with a watercolor background on a tattoo.

Isn’t this spiritual tattoo amazing? It’s also looking very divine.

Lovely flower tattoo that is looking like a pencil sketch on the arm.

A bird carrying a flower. Isn’t it very interesting?

Geometric shape tattoo is now in the vogue.

Another colorful tree tattoo or you may say the tree of colors.

Very realistic flower tattoo which will look good on the forearm.

Show your love with a watercolor themed heart tattoo.

It’s interesting when you find an art on your skin. It is like we paint with watercolors on paper and instead we are doing watercolor tattoos on our skin. So our skin is the canvas. Now, you may hear of some CONS of watercolor tattoos, yes they obviously have such but still, it looks very appealing on our skin.

80 Unalome Tattoo Designs Every Girl Will Fall In Love With

Body art or tattoo is a form of art that is used to decorate our body. Body art is an ancient form and it is still existing today. Today we will be talking about the unalome tattoos and we will show you some lovely ideas of unalome tattoos that will inspire you to get a tattoo on your body. Actually, some people say these unalome tattoo as a female hipster tattoos, though it has no connection with it. Unalome tattoo is a spiritual tattoo which consists of spiritual symbols which are a part of Buddhism. But now it has spread all over the world among every tattoo lovers. It’s the symbol of enlightenment with some inner belief.

Unalome Tattoo Designs Every Girl Will Fall In Love With:

One of the best places to wear the unalome tattoo is the back neck.

These tattoos are mainly small in size and hence can be placed anywhere on the body.

Look at this creative tattoo design. It’s really beautiful

Unalome tattoos carry a great meaning inside it. It looks great on the side of the arms.

Tiny but beautiful. This tattoo is really beautiful.

You will hardly find a colorful unalome tattoo design, but here luckily we have found one.

Unalome tattoo designs are feminine and here is one

Anyone looking for a big tattoo design may choose this one.

Very rare and outstanding design. Unalome tattoo on the ear.

According to us, the best place to put your unalome tattoo is the arms.

Unalome tattoos on the back, not a bad idea.

Tattoos are sometimes out on the side of our body. This makes the appearance bold.

Overall, unalome tattoos have a spirituality in it. See how it looks.

This tattoo is done in a bit artistic way and it is looking gorgeous.

Tattoo design for the upper abdomen area. Not looking bad though.

You have seen similar designs here in this article, but this one is a bit different in design.

A minimal unalome tattoo which looks very sober in appearance.

Getting a tattoo on the side of the body is a great idea.

Such a beautiful and creative tattoo on the back. This one will really inspire you.

If you are shy about tattoos, but still you want to get one. This will be the perfect design choice for you.

Yes, unalome tattoos look charming anywhere you put them.

That’s a great idea looking really attractive and bold.

When you are doing a unalome tattoo, you should about the part of creativity.

If you want to get a clean and bold tattoo like this, you can give this design a try.

A mix of black and red makes this tattoo awesome.

A great idea for unalome finger tattoo.

There are a lot of unalome finger tattoo variations. You can have a look at it.

This one looks really spiritual. A perfect choice for the spiritual persons.

Unalome tattoos can be sexy too.

It’s a great idea to wear two kinds of the unalome tattoo on two legs.

Unalome tattoo merged with an arrow tattoo. It is looking trendy.

Very clean unalome tattoo, with an alphabet.

Minimal unalome tattoo idea for girls.

Want a watercolor themed unalome tattoo? Here’s one idea for you.

Small but attractive and bold one.

For girls, it is best to put an unalome tattoo in the middle of their breast.

The unalome tattoo also looks great on legs.


Very simple and minimal tattoo idea for the arm.

The best advantage for a unalome tattoo is that you can design them artistically.

Some people prefer big tattoos, though unalome tattoo is mostly designed small, she is one big tattoo design example.

This tattoo design is very creative and feminine.

It’s hard to understand the meaning of an unalome tattoo but, you should know the meaning of the one you are wearing.

Small unalome tattoos can be inked on fingers. Here how it looks.

Similar unalome tattoo on both the legs. The design also plays with shades.

This one is designed very clean and it’s looking alluring.

Design matters in the case of tattoos and so it should be considered as one of the primary features.

Simplistic designs are always glamorous and you know that.

You can get a finger unalome tattoo on the on the side of your finger.

Lovely tattoo on the feet that is looking glamorous.

It’s very rare to get a tattoo on the side of the feet.

Getting a tattoo on the upper arm is a very pleasuring idea.

If you want to give your Unalome tattoo a sexy look, go with this one.

Small and good looking tattoo design for the hand.


Unalome tattoos for the back are hot.

Want to look beautiful with a tattoo? Go with this one.

A very cute tattoo design with a divine touch.

Different kind of unalome tattoo design on the back neck.

You can try out this tattoo design alignment on your hand.

Lovely unalome tattoo on the lower neck.

A real complicated and artistic design full on the hand.

Some people have a fascination for small tattoos. This one is a good choice for them.

Another watercolor themed beautifully designed tattoo.

Unalome tattoo designed with flowers. Very unique

A magnificent tattoo design with a lovely touch of art.

This thin line unalome tattoo is something great which will suit almost every girl.

This is a thick unalome tattoo idea you can do on your hand or even anywhere else on your body.

Fascinating artistic tattoo on the forearms.

Unalome tattoo designed with a flower.

Unalome tattoos designed with a background design. Looking very unique.

This thick unique unalone tattoo is looking bold and bright.

Want a sexy tattoo on the middle of your breast? Have a look at this.

Unalome tattoos are something that’s only for the spiritual guys. According to Buddhist mythology, there’s lot of meanings behind these symbols. Unalome tattoos have its own aesthetics and the symbol depends on person to person. You have seen some great unalome tattoo designs and if you really loved it, get your next an unalome tattoo.

80 Trendy Single Line Tattoo Designs

For a normal guy, a simple line tattoo may be a minimalistic tattoo idea. But for a creative person, it is something beyond that. Simple tattoos may carry a very deep meaning. In other words, the line tattoos are for people those who want a meaningful tattoo but in a minimalistic design. So these tattoo ideas can make a bold statement in a very small space. Isn’t it very interesting? Yes, if you don’t have a look on this article, you are going to miss something very special. Line tattoo designs are in trend all over the world and it’s better to go with the trend.

Trendy Single Line Tattoo Designs:

Your heartbeat graph as a tattoo. It’s very cute and a great choice for both male and female.

Geometric shapes are always on the trend. See how bold it looks.

Sea waves are something that is very special to the marine workers. A good selection for them.

A beautiful flower on a beautiful hand. Looking so feminine.

The holy cross tattoo is a good choice for those who have a great love for their religion.

Rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world, having a tattoo of it is not a bad idea.

3D tattoos are really attractive. It looks very alluring.

Have a look at this single line face tattoo. It’s very good looking.

Very artistic leaf tattoo with a glance of inner meanings.

Maybe the line is thick but it can also be regarded as a single line tattoo.

Have a great love for mathematics? This can be your tattoo option.

Lovely designed single line heart tattoo on the forearm.

It is really hard to imagine such a tattoo can be drawn in a single line.

Sea wave in a single line. Maybe the design is too minimal, but have deep meaning.

Symbolic tattoos look very very bold as symbols are created with a lot of studies.

One hand holding the other, this can be a great couple tattoo if you think so.

Very simple moon tattoo on the finger. It can be preferred by both men and women.

Cute clouds on one hand of the couple. Very unique and rare couple tattoo idea.

Simple full lines circling your hand. It makes out a tribal appearance.

Looking for an amazing anchor tattoo? you can go with this one. You will hardly see such a design.

Have a glimpse of this cute camel on the forearm.

If you have a tattoo on other parts of the body and now want a tattoo on the chest, this structural symbols will make you attractive.

Mountains and glaciers all in your hand.

This one is for those who have a great love for minimal tattoos and don’t want to show it to many people.

Have you ever imagined a feather can be shown like this? No never.

See this awesome structure done in the tattoo. It’s looking so elegant and bold.

This may be a dog or a fox and that show the love for animals.

A single line joining some stars. Look this is so graceful.

Clean and clear heartbeat tattoo on a single line. Even there is a name written on it.

This is a very simple triangle tattoo but it is looking so delightful.

See this cat tattoo designed in a structural way. It’s looking great in the forearm.

These simple lines are making something great. Tribal tattoos make up great decorations.

A single line covering your hand? Isn’t it amazing? This can also be a tattoo.

See this attractive elephant tattoo that can make your shoulder look more stunning.

Lovely single line penguin tattoo that will suit almost anyone.

These simple colorful line tattoos will actually look awesome on girls.

This small cat tattoo is for a cat owner or anyone who is a great cat lover.

Single line face tattoos really look awesome and bold.

A very beautiful and structural elephant tattoo that looks great on arms or thighs.

This looks like a fingerprint and this tattoo design is really exclusive for someone who is looking for a creative design.

Clean flower tattoos are very beautiful and it carries a lot of different dog meanings.

Heart beat tattoos are really pleasant looking and graceful.

A set of lines drawn on the forearms looking really gorgeous.

Single line mountain tattoos look great on both females and males.

A single line on the fingers that is looking tricky.

A simple and very minimal single line on a single finger.

Tribals arts are always very attractive. Now you can see how it looks on a hand.

Two set of lines that on the backhand. That is looking exquisite.

You are looking for a very simple feminine single line tattoo, have a look at this one. It’s looking decorative.

Single line all over your back is also a great design idea. Example os a big single line tattoo.

Heart Beat tattoo on the side of the finger. Very small but attractive.

Symbols are always very dashing and it is looking spunky.

Small single line mountain tattoo behind the wrist.

Penguin tattoos are very meaningful. It is looking beautiful.


Shapes all over the hand which is looking so artistic.

So artistic and meaningful tattoo that is looking great.

Art can define almost anything. This tattoo is an idea of it.

Tribal decorative art with a very beautiful conception.

A tattoo that is looking like a string on the wrist.

Attractive arrow tattoo looking like a band.

Lovely finger cross tattoo on both the hands.

Single line tattoo looks the best on tribal designs.


Single sea wave tattoo on the hand.

A watercolor themed tattoo which is looking heavenly.

Looking for a puzzling tattoo? Here it is on the elbow.

Geometric tattoos are something that looks great as a tattoo.



Two set of lines on the forearm.

Line and dots that are joined in such a way that’s looking like an interfering two lines. You know well that dots make lines.


A full body sketch on the side on the hand. Great idea.

This looks like two lines drawn with a pencil.

Line tattoo covering the whole body wth such an alluring illustration.

A colorful line on the feet, you can place this tattoo anywhere on your body.


Single line tattoos are very special nowadays, as it is growing its demand day by day. Being a tattoo lover, perhaps you have understood how attractive the single line tattoo designs look. It is something beyond you can think of. You had a look at all of these designs, and now it is time to get a new tattoo of yours. Good wishes for your new inked design.

80 Beautiful Unisex Tattoo Designs you can go with


We all fashion loving guys love to get a tattoo on our body. But how to know which tattoo is good for men and which tattoo is good for women. It’s really confusing as some of the tattoo designs are very feminine while some are very masculine. But how to clear the confusion? The best way to clear the confusion is getting a unisex tattoo design that looks best on both males and females. Yeah! today we will be coming up with some great unisex tattoo designs which are fantastic and beautiful. So don’t miss out this one. It’s in a single article you will be getting all what you want.

Beautiful Unisex Tattoo Designs you can go with:

Tattoos with deep meanings are often very minimal.

just try to explore the meaning behind this tattoo, you will come to know about many deep ideas.

Very simple and beautiful classic rose tattoo on the forearms.

Is it a wolf or a dog? Feeling confused, right? It’s up to you what you think.

Two hands joining each other, it carries a message of unity.

Perfect choice for the flower lovers.

A deep cosmic tattoos can be a good choice you have interest in those fields.

This looks like a spiritual tattoo with inner meanings. But looks truly divine.

Landscape in a earth, you can portray the message “that earth is beautiful” with this tattoo.

Textural mountain tattoo design. Looking very elegant.

Haha! this one is very funny but still a unique tattoo idea.

This looks like an illusion. Actually, a hand coming out or through a triangle.

Wow! it’s amazing. Anyone looking for a mesmerizing tattoo design, go with this one.

This tattoo looks like a band in your hand, good for the shy people.

Flowers are always beautiful and so the floral designs.

This lace tattoo on the thigh is a unique idea for parties.

Water color themed geometric tattoo. It needs a great personality to carry this tattoo.

Looks like a circuit at a first glance but it’s a tree drawn so creatively.

Anyone who is looking for an artistic tattoo designs, can go with this one. You will hardly get to see such a tattoo again.

Sky, boat and sea all in a single tattoo, but in a creative way. This is a lovely landscape.

Probably this big tattoo is trying to say something about the internal power of any human.

A perfect tattoo should be like this. You can try any face with such a design.

This looks like a chain but an amazing tattoo for your wrist.

Symbolic tattoos always carries a lot of deep meanings.Here is one.

Lotus flower with some geometric shapes may be there’s a spiritual meaning lying underneath.

A lion face textured so nicely. It’s rare we see such tattoo designs.

Lovely couple tattoo with a touch of creative sense.

The lock and key couple tattoo that actually is the best pair in reality.

Crawling leaves tattoo on your wrist can change the appearance.

This is a very meaningful tattoo that shows the love between a couple.

A bouquet of flowers that actually is looking ravishing in the tattoo. Flower tattoos are always beautiful.

Lion tattoo on the feet can look really appealing. Here is an example.

Snake tattoos are very meaningful and if you love snakes you can try out one.

These artistic tattoos looks like puzzles but they comes with a great meanings.

Funny and cute at the same time. These cute tattoo is looking so pretty.

A very wonderful tattoo of some geometric structures and shapes. Not for everyone, but if you can reveal that, it will be great for you.

A simple feather tattoo that is done so extraordinarily. This tattoo is another word of creativity.

This tattoo means a lot. It has a great inner meaning.

It’s hard to get the whole meaning, but the tattoo is very unique.

An hourglass designed with watercolor themed colorings. Looking great with somemeanings inside it.

Geometric shapes filled with flowers. It is looking like a pyramid with rises.

Mathematical shapes and symbols make out a great tattoo.

Very rare tattoo idea of lining the whole hand. But it’s not for the shy guys.

This tattoo design is looking like a string tied on the wrist.

This one is looking like a fingerprint designed in such a way.

Some tattoos are done out of meaning keeping in mind of its visual qualities.

Good couple tattoo idea for those who love minimal tattoos.

Geometric shapes look great when drawn on bodies.

Is this an ‘equals to’ symbol or something different? The wearer can only tell about that. But it’s looking great.

Very simple and elegant looking flower tattoo design.

Cat tattoo design outline behind the year looks very pretty.

Do you have seen a stag? This is face and horn of a stag that means a lot.

Some number of triangles can form some great looking shapes.

Is it the string trick which we tried to learn in our childhood? It’s looking the same as we used to take the string.

Hand band tattoo is looking really awesome on this female.

This small plant with fruits can be very meaningful if you have any incident related to it.

The whole solar system in your leg, isn’t it too vast?

A hand holding a flower, it something scripted beautifully on a tattoo.

Octopus on your full arm. It’s looking really great.

This one is for all who loves artistic tattoos.

This whole rose is designed so beautifully on the shoulder

Flower with a leaf on the shoulder.

Musical notation tattoo with a pinch of water color effect to make it more attractive.

This tattoo is very realistic with a beautiful flower and geometric shapes.

Yes, it is a sea wave designed in a very creative way.

We hardly see a tattoo on the ear. It is something very unique. But everyone can’t try out this one.

Leaf tattoos are always attractive and here is one you can see on the arms.

Have a look at this amazing structural tattoo forming attractive shapes the hand.

A unique tattoo design covering the upper part of the body.

A cute feminine tattoo for the upper breast. It is clearly designed.

Realistic art tattoos are always demanding, this one example you can see.

Arrow tattoos are actually very meaningful but when it comes to the design it is very bold.

This is an example of tribal designs which looks like a band on the hand.

The criss-cross tattoo is something you will hardly get to see. if you something rare like this, go for it.

Dried tree branch with some left out leaves. Lovely and meaningful.

Again a tribal ring tattoo which you can get it as a decorative art on your body.

A wonderful example of an elegant artistic tattoo.

This is tattoo is exceptional. A beautiful landscape inside a circle. If you think deeply you will understand.

Good tattoo idea for those who are making an awareness about deforestation.

Alluring hand tattoo with based on a geometric shape.

After having a glimpse of all these unisex tattoos, what’s your actual say? Yes, we know you will be saying something positive. Unisex tattoo designs are very unique and they suits both men and women. So there is no confusion about the designs. Just choose a design which you liked the most and then go for it. No other things to think of.

80 Beautiful and Charming Anchor Tattoos

Tattoos with rich meanings are always very demanding among the tattoo lovers. You have heard about the anchor tattoos and this one falls into this category. Anchor tattoos are very rich and full with symbolic meanings. Since a long time, it has been a trend of making an anchor tattoo among the sailors. But like every other meaningful tattoo, this anchor tattoo designs are also very attractive and can be done in a great variety. Though this leads to a confusion, but we are here to help you all out with some amazing anchor tattoo designs.

Beautiful and Charming Anchor Tattoos:

Creatively designed heart shaped anchor tattoo that is looking exclusive.

Forearm arm anchor tattoo with a rope.

It is very rare to get an anchor tattoo design with a flower.

One of the best places to get an anchor tattoo is above your toe.

Can you guess what’s the full form of this? It’s U.S Navy.

Simple anchor tattoo on your forearm looks very hot in males.

Look at this cute anchor tattoo with a definition of femininity.

Classic anchor tattoo on the arm, this one of the best place to place arm tattoos.

It’s very painful to get a tattoo in the side neck but this anchor tattoo is looking really good.

This one is really awesome, see how hot it is looking.

As we have said, anchor tattoo on your forearm looks elegant.

Finger anchor tattoo. If you are looking for a small tattoo, opt for this.

Classic things are always beautiful maybe it’s old. This oldie design can still rock.

Adding texts of your wish is a great idea in anchors tattoos.

This one is such a beautiful musical tattoo, a great choice for musicians.

This a mixture of two tattoo designs, a mermaid, and an anchor tattoo. this colorful tattoo is looking awesome.

Again a fantastic U.S Navy tattoo which contains an anchor.

if you are looking for an anchor tattoo, this one can be a great idea. place it on anywhere you want, it hardly looks.

Some girls want to go with floral and feminine tattoos, here is an example of it.

A very interesting couple tattoo that resembles a lot of meanings.

The design speaks everything. See this tattoo and you will get an example.

Creative anchor tattoo looks really great. This one is designed with creativity.

This tattoo design comes with a colorful painting style. Watercolor appearance adds an extra essence.

This one is an animated anchor tattoo that looks really awesome.

Just you can say Wow! This one is so pleasing.

If you really love a minimal tattoo, go for a tattoo like this.

Anchor tattoo with a feather on your forearm.

Classic anchor tattoo with a rope that you can also place on your feet.

Such a graceful couple tattoo an anchor tattoo and a marine steering wheel.

“I Refuse to sink” really how can you sink when you have such a tattoo.

Again a very beautiful artistic tattoo with a painting feel.

Creativity can make out anything. Just here is an example.

This anchor tattoo looks very royal and exquisite.

Flower-anchor tattoo with a heart and rope. Looking ravishing on the forearms.

If you want a small anchor tattoo on your body, you can place it behind your ear.

It’s looking like a pencil sketch but it’s a tattoo. Yes, a tattoo was done in this theme.

Such a lovely presentation you will ever see. A lovely tattoo.

Anchor tattoo with birds is something you will ever see. Just give it a preference if you want a core feminine artistic tattoo.

Mainly anchor tattoo is best for the marine life leaders. So this tattoo can be an authentic choice if you are looking for a marine life tattoo.

Anchor tattoos are a great example of couple tattoo designs. Look how alluring it’s looking.

Anchor tattoos look good in feet. If you want one, you can think twice.

You have seen a tattoo design like this before, but this tattoo has a more realistic design.

Watercolor themed tattoos are now on demand when you are getting a tattoo done, think of it.

If you want a small tattoo on your wrist, this anchor tattoo will meet your need.

Cute anchor tattoo with a bow, lovely thought and pleasing tattoo for a female.

This anchor tattoo is present in such a beautiful way, it looks like a lot of smiles. Good for people who want to laugh all the time.

Cleanly designed anchor tattoo which is good for both male and female.


An anchor tattoo on the back neck looks very attractive for the hot ladies.

Anchor tattoo is a superstition among the marine dwellers. You can get an idea from this tattoo.

Blue rose is very rare and it symbolizes royalty. So anchor tattoo with a blue rose is something royal.

Medium sized anchor tattoo on the arms looks very bold.

This is a great 3D tattoo design you can give a look at.

Anchor tattoo on the chest is very rare. But this one is awesome.

Anchor tattoo looks good on fingers it adds a decoration.

This tattoo is designed very beautifully with a marine wheel and an anchor tattoo.

It’s looking like a necklace with a pendant on the feet.

Females always look for a cute tattoo design and these are their best choices.


Very simple tattoo design for the anchor tattoo lovers. If you are looking for a minimal tattoo, this one can be a graceful decision for you.

Nothing can be good than an artistic tattoo. It’s lovely and so beyond thinking.

Compas and anchor are directly related in the same field. So these two can be included in a tattoo with a meaning.

This tattoo is very realistic looking but very common in design.

An infinity symbol with a rope and anchor and flowers written Familia, which portrays the great love for your family.

Another anchor tattoo with an infinity symbol which is more simple.

Anchor tattoo with a rose and message is a great idea to make your tattoo look creative.

Minimal tattoos are always delightful. Look at this example.

Maybe this broken anchor tattoo means a lot to the wearer, but it’s looking beautiful and unique.


Anchor tattoo with a deer horn is something very meaningful.

This is a wooden anchor tattoo design that seems abandoned. Rare and unique presentation.

Very colorful anchor tattoos with a lot of things included in the design.

This design of a small tattoo is really awesome. See the tattoo and it is so small.

A chain with an anchor pendant so beautifully projected in a tattoo.

Scorpion and anchor, it’s hard to relate but still as a tattoo design, you can try out the same thing.

Anchor tattoo on a unique place. The tattoo is placed near the elbow.

Tiny tattoo on between the finger sides. If you want to keep your tattoo hidden, try out with this one.

Marine wheel with an anchor a very popular design but this one is a bit different in portrayal.

Such a realistic anchor tattoo above the feet enhances your masculine factor.

Tattoos with rich meanings are always very demanding among the tattoo lovers. You have heard about the anchor tattoos and this one falls into this category. Anchor tattoos are very rich and full with symbolic meanings. Since a long time, it has been a trend of making an anchor tattoo among the sailors. But like every other meaningful tattoo, this anchor tattoo designs are also very attractive and can be done in a great variety. Though this leads to a confusion, but we are here to help you all out with some amazing anchor tattoo designs.

80 Cute and Artistic Finger Tattoo Designs

If you are very interested in getting a tattoo but feeling shy about a big tattoo design, you should go for subtle tattoo designs that will suit you the most. But the question is where you will place your subtle tattoos? Do you have any idea? The best place to wear a subtle tattoo is the fingers. You can show your tattoo to whom you want and again you can hide it from one whom you don’t want to see your tattoo. So it’s a great advantage you will be getting. So don’t waste your time and get an overall idea about the finger tattoo designs which are trending all over the world.

Cute and Artistic Finger Tattoo Designs:

That’s a ‘tiger on your finger’. Good combination, though.

Tiny creative finger tattoo design with a touch of femininity.

You can choose any design and that depends on your thinking.

Beautiful Leaf tattoo on your fingers. A very colorful choice.

For animal lovers, an animal tattoo is a symbol very close to their personality.

Though this is a full hand tattoo but you can take an inspiration of your own finger tattoo.

Symbolic representations are always attractive as it becomes hard for anyone to decode.

Same here like the previous one, so you can think of a symbolic representation.

If you are looking for a both hand finger tattoo, this one can be the best.

Beautiful artistic finger tattoo that is full of inner meaning.

Maybe this is a wave or something else, it’s hard to get right as portrayed in a completely different way.

Signs and symbol are a great idea for finger tattoos.

Perfect tattoo choice for the musicians.

Feathers are always artistic and it looks creative on fingers.

Rose is special to everyone and when you have it in your hand, you are going to be special.

Yes, you can also place an owl on your finger. They look unique everywhere.

To show your spirituality, a holy cross finger tattoo is an ultimate choice.

Creating up something creative is always a good idea for you.

Arrow tattoos are very minimal and it’s always better choice for the minimal tattoo lovers.

A small holy cross tattoo which will portray your love for religion and will also not look very bright.

Though here you can see a lot of ideas, but the finger tattoo idea is what we collected it for.

Solar system on your hand? Not a bad idea.

A butterfly is always elegant. It’s hard to get such a small detailed tattoo, but if you get a good artist, go for it.

Good couple tattoo, but both are different in design. Try to choose the same design in case of couple tattoos.

Wow! this is the only word we can say. It so trendy, feminine and artistic.

Something really artistic and creative.

Creative tribal arts all over the hand and fingers are rare and graceful.

A small flower art can change the appearance of your finger.


You have seen a beautiful butterfly tattoo just above a few ideas. This one is also very beautiful.

Honey bee tattoos are very cute and when done in this way.

Looking like a Celtic tattoo design, but looking gorgeous.

It’s divine and it doesn’t need any more word.

Such a lovely musical notation tattoo which looks like a ring.

Being a dog lover, now you can place your dog picture in your fingers.

What a funny idea? Great for funny people. Very rare.


Maybe there’s a great meaning behind the tattoo but it’s looking very minimal.

Another beautiful tattoo idea with a heart on your fingers and the heart drawn in textures.

Rosary tattoos are great if you can really carry it.

See this so tiny giraffe, standing on your fingers.

That means something beyond infinity.

This small arrow tattoo is looking really charming.

This lovely marine couple tattoo is great couple tattoo who is associated with marine life.

Looking like a equals to a symbol, but maybe there’s a different symbolic meaning behind it.

King and queen crown tattoo are very popular finger tattoo idea.

A reindeer on your finger, have you ever imagined of it?

This is a really looking spiritual and divine. So attractive and beautiful.

‘Believe’, one of the most important things in your life.

Look at this beautiful Peacock feather tattoo.

It’s hard to get which tattoo is this, but it is looking awesome.

Some tattoos are really hard to understand, but there remains a lot of meaning behind it.

Such artistic full circle tattoo. Lovely idea.

Look at this cute elephant finger tattoo.

Ha ha! A perfect choice for funny people.

… perhaps continued. You will have to wait for that.

Almost everything on your fingers. Something rare and charming.

Have a great love for fox? This colorful fox tattoo is the perfect one for you.

A textural tattoo designed in a tribal theme which is looking very delightful.

Very minimal tattoo with a variety of meanings inside it.

Ohh! this lovely cute bow look is very feminine because of its color.

Show your love for someone with this amazing and small heart tattoo.

Mr. and Mrs. that means a married couple with a creative finger couple tattoo.

Love is infinite and you can’t see the end of it. Portraying your love with an infinite symbol makes a great tattoo.

‘KNOW HOPE’ that’s the thing written in this tattoo, but the meaning is unknown. But it’s looking glamorous.

You should like a gold always and pass out the message to others with your tattoo.

An ideal choice for the musicians who love to keep a lovely minimal finger tattoo.

Black and white classic bow tattoo that looks classy with a colorful nail polish.

Star means a lot and there are hundreds of meaning associated with the star. You have to choose for what you are making it.

A lotus tattoo on your hand makes it divine.

A tribal design which looks a fascinating look.

Three dots define a continuation, but the continuation of what? That’s your own secret message.

Symbols are widely used in tattoos, here you can see an arrow is divided into three parts are portrayed on the tattoo.

As we have said, the symbols are very widely used in various kind of tattoos. Have a look at this one. It’s alluring.

Don’t have a ring or you don’t like to wear a ring? No matter, you can choose a ring couple tattoo.

Now you can think of decorating your fingers without jewelry. Have a glimpse of this amazing design.

Animal skull tattoos are very famous inking design, but the design is not for everyone. Before you go with such a design, think twice.

So you want to hide your tattoo between fingers? Or maybe you can cover your tattoo with a ring, you can do anything you want with your finger tattoo designs. But you will have to choose the one suitable for your personality. Go ahead and make a beautiful tattoo on your finger to show your creativity without feeling shy.

80 Exceptional Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Well, shoulder tattoos are classy, easy to flaunt and engraved as you got enough space to ink any design.  However, you can ink any part of your body, but having a tattoo on the shoulder is something different.  From a tiny small tattoo to giant design can be done here and the moment when you walk on beach wearing backless outfit and you guys, imagine yourself  wearing tee so your sexy tattoo design wink from the end of tee on your neck. There are many moments so admire and express your best ever shoulder tattoo for men and women. Here are the back tattoo designs for women to show-off.




Spartan tattoo is best to show-off your the beast inside you!


When you got the eagle eyes and that daring attitude to fly high above all your problems.


Black shade of rose making this adorable and heart-melting.


Admire the true colors of nature anf flowers on your shoulder.


Machenic tattoos are truly popular among strong guys.


This mind-boggling design will surely stand you out of the crowd.


Woah! Now, that’s the best way to cover up your back, neck and shoulder!


Anything need to say about eagle tattoos? Nah!


A lavish and trendy tattoo design to live the feminist soul.


Aww! Red roses and leaves are making this shoulder a complete tiny garden.


Those hanging furs and blooming flowers can beautify your persona all the way.


Show-off the warrior inside you via this way and is a complete tattoo package for back.


Geometrical designs are inescapable and significant, as always!


Now, that reminds me of Walt Disney company so are the commendable characters


Dull shade of the hour glass is perfect to have as it’ll indicate you the TIME!


Classy and heart-winning design is it! What do you think of the knife?

exceptional-shoulder-tattoo-designs-for-men-and-women0191This insane quote can represent your words and commitments to the world or to the person you love.


Don’t you dare miss this so-cute puppy!


Trible looking design with traditional and modern touch can intensify your aura!


Appreciate those chest-hair with this giant tattoo design.


Your dream girl has to be with you always,forever!


This guys belongs to some horrible and thrilling movie, but is a perfect choice to have.


Skull and flowers? What a combo for those daring ladies!


Indeed a tribal design dedicated to your manliness.


Giant skull of the goat covered by leaves and flower, but with only black shade is a worthy choice to make.


Purple is vibrant and sexy and the design itself smilling like a hell.

Covering back and shoulder will gain you this design.


No colors, no usual design! It’s unique and enticing!


Storytelling tattoos are like canvas on your arm.


Right from the ancient times, this design will get you meaningful values.


For those who always seek for crazy and innovative design.


This design says love is freedom! The one who let you free, loves you!


Ask your artist to craft you this design or you can draw it too yourself.


Love bird with killer red roses? You know what it means? Right!


You know, crafted designs are always best!


Different butterflies, but with only one common trait, freedom!


Want to give people a shock or leave them with a puzzle? That’s your design!


Hey girl! Such an adorable fox tattoo design perfectly shaped for your chest.


Vintage, cool, traditional and 3d, that’s all I can say about this masterpiece!


Ouch! A killer tattoo with killer color for killer hot babes!


Tiny small things can make a huge difference! A design with an inspirational message!


It could be a deadly weapon that you might have seen in anime movies.


Sexy smiling skull is enough to scare people out there!


Elephant tattoos are now in trend and popular among teens.


Another storytelling masterpiece for those who are blessed with warrior souls.


The idea behind this dynamic design is purely abstract!


Having a biggest mammal as a tattoo is something like you’re the boss!


A portrait dedicated to the war zone!


Rising sun, flying pigeon along with a rose? A message to spread love just love.


Those tiny pearls on rose are representing the lavish and royal lifestyle that people used to have!


The idea is, you can and you should try the outfit of matching color to your tattoo.


May your all wishes come true!


Falling and rising are two sides of a coin and so is the life!


A decent and royal design for the ladies with the class.


Artist did the best work on shades as you can see the dull and dark shades of black and grey.


Pinky! Yes, pompous design with pink color is the absoultly correct way to nail the trend.


In case, you’re obsessed with butterflies and tattoo art!


Sometimes it’s just not the tattoo, but the idea how you ink them.


A modified mandala tattoo design is always inescapable.


That dark shade is the path and butterfly is you!


Bat inspired tattoos are horribly sexy and might give people a heartache!


There are not only tigers, but TIGERESSES too!


With the dead-inspiring quote you can decore your shoulder.

As you know a tattoo should be of deep meaning and sensible values and here are the best meaningful tattoo designs for you. Hope you liked these shoulder tattoo designs for men and women. Let us know your feedback and stay tuned with us for more designs.