80 King and Queen Tattoo Designs For Couples

The king and Queen, the most royal couple in the society. But with the growth of democracy all over the world, the king and queen have now become a part of fiction stories. Or even you may listen a boyfriend saying to his girlfriend, “I am the king and you are my queen”. But if you are a tattoo lover, you will always want to look royal through your tattoos and so the best idea to choose a gorgeous king and queen tattoo for your skin.

King and Queen Tattoo Designs For Couples:

Playing card king and queen tattoo for a sweet couple.

Think yourself as a princess? go with this amazing princes’ crown tattoo.

Look at this royal couple tattoo on the forearms.

Playing card king and queen tattoos are of different types. This one is very cute.

This couple tattoo is also very appealing.

Looking for a gorgeous king and queen tattoo? here it is.

This tattoo is great for the minimalist tattoo lovers.

If you go with this tattoo, you will look like a real princess of creativity.

If you love to have a back tattoo like this one, remember to go with something classic.

Nowadays, fingers are the best place to wear small tattoos. It looks very appealing.

When you are going for a couple tattoo, remember to keep the tattoo designs similar.

Couple king and queen tattoos can be placed anywhere and that completely depends on how you can carry it.

This is a very rare Egyptian king and queen tattoo that you will hardly see anywhere.

Not only the symbols, textual king and queen tattoos are also attractive.

Shy about tattoos? Go with this tiny angelic tattoo design.

Ohh! it’s lovely. See how it is written on the tattoo. His queen and Her king. You both are made for each other.

Getting a tattoo on your full wrist is confusing as it is hard to find out a design. This one is a thumb up.

This king and queen tattoo is designed on a crayon art theme. It’s very unique.

One Life, One Love, a very true quote in our life. But it varies differently in different lives.

See, in this couple tattoo, the tattoos are placed in different places. This is an experiment.

Again a classic textual king and queen tattoo design idea.


You can write the name initials on your tattoo design to make the design different from others.

When you are making a textual tattoo, the font style really matters a lot. So try to be choosy about that.

As we have said, wrist tattoos are quite tough to design as all the shapes don’t set on the wrist.

This tattoo is also very experimental as it is placed in different places on the body.

Is it the anniversary date engraved in roman numbers? It’s a great idea.

See as the font is changing, the appearance of the tattoo also changes with that.

This is not a couple tattoo but a good design if you want to make a king tattoo.

A very creative minimal tattoo design that is looking alluring.

Oh! if you can be creative, you can be daring enough to show your love in this way.

Minimal King and queen tattoos can also be placed in feet as they are very small.

If you are going with a small tattoo, and you don’t have any problem to show your tattoo to others, choose the fingers.


One Life, One Love has become a very popular king and queen tattoo text.

This one is looking really graceful.

Making a tattoo delightful like this is not an easy job. It needs to do a lot of research about the design.


Do you like Grim Reaper tattoos? then you will obviously like this one.

A very attractive and colorful tattoo with a flower included.

King and queen tattoo with your name written on it looks really gorgeous.



Placing a tattoo on the side of your hand is not a bad idea as it is looking classy.

King and queen tattoo done in a slightly different way.

Very graceful couple tattoo for the pretty couples.

If you have a great interest for the Egyptian king and queen, this idea is a good one.

A very hot tattoo for the males. You can give it a try. It looks more like a gambling tattoo.

Very simple king and queen tattoo placed on the side of the wrist.

Watercolor background couple tattoo that looks really awesome.

One king and one queen, possible what every king and queen dreamt of.

It looks so lovely and lively. Very simple but a great sample.

Very creatively designed king crown tattoo over a flower. Maybe there’s a great meaning behind it.

Lovely bracelets on both the hand, but the tattoos are looking more attractive.

Placing a tattoo on the side of your arms is a very good idea to show the tattoo to others.

The tattoo is beautifully drawn with a modern approach.

One on the wrist and one above it. Not a bad idea for a king and queen tattoo. But the designs are completely different.

King and queen tattoo designed in a very creative way to give an elegant look.

Again that one life, one love tattoo but this time with a touch of animation.

If you are looking for a very small tattoo design, you can go with this one.

Yes, the design is very normal, but we have included it because of the tattoo done so clearly.

You can be a step ahead by showing your love for each other through a tattoo.


Look at this delicate tattoo design on the wrist of both of them.

The tattoo is very childish with an amateur essence on it.

Colorful crown tattoos are always the most attractive. Get an idea of it.

Maybe there’s a deep meaning behind this creative one but it is looking very unique.

See the crown and the font, both are equally very unique and dazzling.


This tattoo is completely different and it includes the image of the king and queen from the card.

K and Q from the heart is a very popular king and queen couple tattoo design.

The font is simple and the designing is also simple in this tattoo but it is looking very classy.

The first letter of your name or maybe your lover’s name with a crown is a great idea to show your love.

Both of them looks like a drawing on fingers done by a simple pen.

This idea is too creative as it shows a king and queen crown with a heart sigh on the other finger.

A very simple drawing tattoo on the forearm.

King and queen crown drew simply like a small symbol.

Full hand king and queen tattoo for the tattoo lovers.

Crown tattoos are very appealing and look great on fingers.

This one is really creative and exquisite.

Mostly, the king and queen tattoo is portrayed in couples, but there are exceptions like every other designs. Now the main thing is that when you are wearing such a royal tattoo, it should match your overall lifestyle and personality. So getting a king and queen tattoo on your body is probably the most easiest way to turn yourself royal.

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