80 More Little Tattoo Designs and their Meanings

There is a say, small things speak a lot and we think it is very true. Though small things remain unnoticed most of the time, but that’s the biggest advantage among all. You will see many people prefer having little tattoos on their body just because it remain unnoticed by others. So whether you are trying to hide your tattoo from your boss or maybe you don’t want to see your friends get a look of it, little tattoos can help you out in any purpose. Mostly it is preferred by the females but males are not an exception. So need some little tattoo design ideas? Scroll down for the besties.

More Little Tattoo Designs:

Snail tattoos are very popular and you can consider wearing it.

A eye with tears, this tattoo have a very deep meaning inside it.

Are you a pizza lover? perhaps this was the tattoo design you was looking for.

Tribal tattoo on your back looks very appealing and hot.

You can wear a small anchor tattoo on the side of your body. Because it’s one of the best place for humans to carry tattoos.

A small plant or a flower tattoo on your feet is a fantastic idea.

A sailing boat on your forearm looks realistic when you are attached with marine life.

Mountain peak tattoos are very meaningful, so you can try out this.

Love to travel all over the world or attached to the aviation industry? go for this idea.

You can think yourself as a queen with this small piece of tattoo.

Such a small elephant in a tattoo looks very cute.

If you are looking for a creative little tattoo designs, you can think of this one.

Astronomy is a very interesting subject, if you have a great interest in it, don’t miss out this amazing tattoo.

If you are a Christian and really love your religion, you can think of this holy cross tattoo.

Textural flower pattern tattoos looks very hot in females.

Yes you deserve that, a crown tattoo on your body.

Holy cross tattoos are very simple and you can wear that anywhere on your body.

Even you can mark yourself with a textual tattoo as it it looks very dazzling.

Yeah! maybe you are a swimmer or spend your life in seas, that’s the reason you can have such a meaningful small tattoo.

Have you seen such a yin yang tattoo, it’s very rare.

Anchor tattoos are very popular, so it’s always better to make it an unique one.

No one can even think it as a tattoo because of its size and design.

In some cases, special symbol carries many deep meanings.

Look at this minimal tattoo design on the arm. It’s very simple but it looks very appealing.

Only few people will dare to have this tattoo design on their fingers.

Such a creative tattoo idea you will ever see. it’s awesome.

Any kind of bird tattoo suits the females and it is their most favorite.

This is a very lovely, minimal and cute couple tattoo.

AWW! nothing can be more cute than this.

If you really love elephants, you can think of wearing a realistic elephant tattoo on your finger.

A small flower tattoo on your back neck makes you look more sexy.

Holy cross tattoo are always the best to portray your religious belief.

Heart with a knife above your waist looks dazzling.

A baby elephant looking at you from a tattoo. What can be more cute than this.

King and Queen, a perfectly themed couple tattoo to wear on the fingers.

Spider tattoos are growing its demand and it also looks very realistic on a skin.

Get an idea of another couple tattoo design with a water color theme.

Everything about astronomy, the only thing we can tell about this tattoo.

Have a look at this alluring sketch style realistic elephant tattoo.

Half moon under your wrist looks very charming. Moon is all the way attached to femininity.

Remember those childhood days of paper planes? Yes, a great tattoo to remember your childhood.

This tattoo will make you look gorgeous with a bow in it.

Geometric symbols look very hot and appealing on skin. You can try out one like this.

If you are a musician and really looking for a tiny musical tattoo, musical symbols and notes are the best.

A diamond tattoo on your body makes you look more precious.

Tattoo design depends on you and you can select any design that matches your personality.

Crown tattoos are very popular and probably you can assume that from this article.

Musical notation on your hand is probably the best thing as you use your hand to play every instrument.

Very creative and elegant small heart tattoo design for the females.

Though most of us are afraid of spiders but having a spider tattoo means a lot of things.

A very tiny and creative flower tattoo design that is looking marvelous.

Rose tattoos are very attractive and goes best with the females.

Rose tattoos can be also placed on your fingers and here is an example of it.

This water color theme based rose tattoo is looking very realistic.

A musical notation tattoo above your waist and that also represents a heart is amazing.

Crown tattoo with a word love on it can be a very gorgeous tattoo for females.

If you love mountains keep it in your mind always with a small tattoo.

This looks like celtic design

A small heart drawn as a tattoo on your hand increase the femininity.

Look at this amazing small tattoo that shows a heart in your heart beat.

Rabbits are lovely and so we keep them as pets. Rabbits are also very popular in tattoos.

A small anchor tattoo on your feet makes it look more classy.

See this lovebird couple making love with each other. A perfect couple tattoo for cute lovers.

Honey bee tattoos carries a bunch of meanings so if it matches your personality, you can think of wearing one.

A crown with the first letter of your name in the tattoo designs is a very creative idea.

Best tattoo choice for the climbers.

Are you a very wise person? then you can have a fox tattoo on your forearm.

This cute cat tattoo above your breast looks fine.

Sun and moon are regarded as a couple of sky, so you can also think of it as a couple tattoo like this.

Crown tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body because it looks good on any size.

A simple plant tattoo on the side of your body looks very nice and pleasing.

Here comes the most awaited butterfly tattoo which also look angelic and you can place anywhere. This place is good for hiding the tattoo.

Aeroplane tattoos are mostly very simplistic and don’t need a lot of decoration.

Sun tattoo on your upper back looks dazzling.

The leaf of a maple tree means a lot of things, so remember to wear it after doing a lot of research.

Geometric shapes on you fingers makes the hand more attractive.

A moon tattoo above the finger looks very cute in females.

Want to look graceful and grand? include a crown tattoo on your finger.

Actually, most of the little tattoo designs are very cute and it can be done in any part of the body because of its size. So if you are really confused with the design, shortlist some of the tattoo designs you liked the most and then think which one will match your personality. That’s the way to choose the tattoo design when you are confused. But if you are done with only a single one, start study and research about the design as you are making a permanent tattoo.

80 Great Examples of Sea Turtle Tattoos with Meanings

Turtle, the animal which is regarded as a symbol of longevity is now a demanding tattoo design all over the world. There is nothing to tell from the beginning about them as we all are very fascinated towards the turtles from our childhood, but today you will be getting an idea about their appearance in tattoos. Sea turtle tattoos are very appealing and suits both on male and females. It is also a very popular symbol of many cultures all around. So if you are really interested in sea turtle tattoos, have a look here.

Great Examples of Sea Turtle Tattoos with Meanings:

Perhaps sea turtle tattoos looks the best on tribal theme. You can give it a try.

According to the Japnese culture, sea turtle tattoo is a symbol of protection in the sea.

Sea turtle can be placed in a shoulder tattoo and it looks fantastic.

Colorful tattoos are always attractive, and you can see this beautiful idea.

As we say, realistic tattoos are always very unique and creative.

If you are a creative person, these kind of tattoo designs with suit you the best.

Sea turtle tattoo can be placed anywhere in your body. And it looks the best everywhere.

Such a cute  and feminine tattoo you have ever seen.

Sea turtle tattoo with flowers looks the best in females.

Look at this realistic tattoo and you can have an idea how it looks on your thighs.

Some people may not like this design, but it has an artistic value.

This kind of animated tattoo styles are the best for creative peoples.

AWW! this is the only word you will say after seeing the design. Such a ute portrayal.

Do you know that Indian mythology believes that turtles are the burden bearers of the whole world?

Sea turtle tattoos are great in both water and land, so you should also make the tattoo great so that it looks appealing.

If you are a sea lover and attached to marine life, you can think of such a tattoo with variety of aquatic animals.

Some people have a great love for animals and so they project the tattoos in different ways. Here’s an example of it.

This clean sea turtle design will attract anyone near you.

‘Trickster’, have you heard of this word? Turtles are regarded as a trickster in African mythology, which means a character that is very wise and intellectual.

There is a hand of a great tattoo artist behind a great tattoo and here is an example of it.

In Vietnamese culture, sea turtle tattoo is regarded next to God and is believed as it protects people when they are in any trouble.

It’s hard to get such a creative idea whenit comes to sea turtle tattoos.

In Native American belief, sea turtle symbolizes the creation of humans.

This one is best for those who are looking for a small sea turtle tattoo design.

Such a lovely mother and a baby sea turtle in a tattoo.

In the Polynesian culture, sea turtle represents the ocean which is their source of food.

Check out this amazing, colorful and attractive tattoo design.

Are you a funny man? You should go with a funny tattoo design.

This clean and feminine tattoos above your wrist, you change the overall appearance of your hand.

Do you know that the carribean countries thought sea turtle as an aphrodisiac, which means a food or drink which enhances the sexual desire.

According to the Zuni and Navajo tribes of Southwest America, Turtles are regardedas a symbol of longevity and good health.

Some cultures still believe that sea turtle symbolizes Mother Earth, the motion of moon and the feminine cycle.

Polynesian sea turtle tattoos are found with different kinds of abstract and complex patterns.

Sea turtle is always regarded as a symbol of strength and security just because of the hard shell on their body.

A sea turtle can lay about 100 eggs at a time and that’s the main reason they are still regarded as a symbol of fertility.

Tribal tattoos need a lot of experiment on the design, so don’t forget to spend some creative time with the design.

Do you know that turtles can travel a long distance and come back home. So turtles are a great symbol of faithfullness.

Most of the time soldiers are seen to wear a sea turtle tattoo just because of the belief of security and faithfullness.

You know very well that turtles can’t move very fast and so they move very wisely.

Go for the realistic tattoos as it looks the most appealing.

Sea turtle tattoos can be placed in hands and wrist as the tattoo can be designed in various shapes and sizes.

Animated sea turtle looks cute and amazing if designed with unique and creative ideas.

Sea turtle tattoos are mainly common among the females but now it is also growing popularity among the men.

See this amazing design of sea turtle with a touch of geometric structures.


This magical tattoo of a swimming sea turtle looks very realistic.

This is a sketch style sea turtle tattoo design that is very rare.

This is an example of upper chest sea turtle tattoo idea.

This magical tattoo with a beach landscape on the shell is very creative.

If you have a keen interest in Geometry, you should obviously think of this design.

A spectacular sea turtle tattoo design on a thigh lokks amazing.

Creativity really matters, and here is a proof of that.

Tiny tattoos play a very important role just take this as an example.

Color plays a very major role in case of tattoos. Though it’s unrealistic, but the color combination makes it attractive.

This is a very beautiful forearm tattoo piece idea.

Watercolor fill tattoos look very gorgeous.

This sea turtle foot tattoo design looks lovely.

This tribal design sea turtle tattoo looks very creative with a flower.

Placing a Sea turtle tattoo on a foot is a great idea to show your tattoo.

Once again a watercolor themed sea turtle tattoo that looks very attractive.

Including a geometric shape in any tattoo has now became a trend.

This tattoo looks like painted with water color.

Seems like a picture from a comic book.

Black and white tribal tattoo design looks classic.

Oh! this seems a bit more explicit, but if you don’t like to hide your emotions, go for it.

This tattoo is very creatively drawn and is looking very clear and beautiful.

Tribal designs are always complicated and that’s the reason of their popularity.

The pencil sketch themed sea turtle tattoo are always attractive.

Textural tattoo with some drops of watercolor and you can have the idea how amazing it will look.

Looks like a traditional painting, but actually it is an example of creative touch on your tattoo.

In the beginning we have already said, sea turtle tattoos are mostly seen in tribal themes.

This tiny sea turtle on your back can change your overall fashion statement.

Maybe you can call it as a beach shell.

A realistic sea turtle tattoo on your shoulder can never be a bad idea.

There is no end to creative ideas, as youcan think it in anyway.

Do you really remember those ninja turtles? A sea turtle tattoo can be a nostalgia if you were a fan of ninja turtles.

A small tattoo design on your forearm will not impact your regular look. So there is nothing to think much about it.

It is better to go with a normal realistic design, if you don’t like much creative designs.

This small sea turtle tattoo on your back speaks a lot.

It’s hard to decide a tattoo design and we understand that. But as you are wearing a permanent tattoo, you should choose one that matches your overall personality. Here we have tried to include all variety of sea turtle tattoo designs and it’s upto you to choose the perfect one for you. If you are feeling confused, you can also consult with your tattoo artist or anyone close who is creative. Surely you will be getting a help. Check our other articles in this blog, if you are looking for variety of tattoo design suggestions.

80 Cute Wing Tattoo Designs

Do you have knowledge about Greek Mythology? Then you have obviously heard of Hermes, the Greek God with his wings. Leave it. there is no single person in this world, who never dreamt of having a pair of wings on the back. Actually, birds are our greatest fascination and we always want to fly like them. So wings are always our favorite. Don’t be sad if you don’t have wings, but you can have that with a tattoo. Yes, we are talking about wing tattoo and here you will get some idea about awesome wing tattoo designs.

Cute Wing Tattoo Designs:

The alphabet of your name with a wing on it. A great idea to add wings on yourself.

So wings on the two sides of your arms. Try to fly.

A pair of hands with wings on both the sides. A very creative tattoo design.

Wings on your feet make you more independent.

This is a gorgeous tattoo idea of having wings on the side of your waist.

Getting a wing tattoo behind your ear is very rare but it looks great.

A heart with wings, a divine tattoo design you can go with.

Very colorful tattoo on your chest.

This one is a butterfly tattoo and a very lovely feminine design.

A small pair of wings on your back makes you look more charming.

A watercolor themed wing tattoo which looks really very creative.

Small minimalist wing tattoo idea for your wrist.

Great wing tattoo design on your feet which looks angelic.

Maybe you have a great love for angels and you love to be like them.

Two small wings on your forearms may look alluring.

This pair of wings is very realistic and very trendy for the bird lovers.

This tattoo idea is great for the religious peoples. A holy cross with wings.  A very meaningful tattoo.

Wear a realistic tattoo wing tattoo like this one on both of your hands. And it will resemble a bird.

We think travelers should have a wing tattoo like this on their feet.

This wing tattoo is so gorgeous that you can hardly avoid anyone’s eyes.

A very feminine wing tattoo design for feet.

Here’s an angel tattoo with wings.

Look at this small wing tattoo on fingers.

A pair of tattoo with a blue ribbon at the middle. Maybe there’s a deep inner meaning behind it.

Placing a colorful pair of wings on both sides of the lower abdomen looks really charming.

Wings on both sides of the headphone, a great tattoo design for the music lovers and musicians.

Shoulder arm wing tattoo that is looking really delicate.

A small pair of angel wings on your wrist is a great idea.

This one is very realistic. A pair of wings with a wheel.

Big wing tattoo on your back. It almost looks like a real wing from a long distance.

This realistic pair of wings on one side of your back is suitable for both male and female.

See this amazing heart tied with barbed wire and wings on two sides of it.

Getting a wing tattoo on your feet is a very dazzling idea.

Wing tattoo is full of details, so when you are making a wing tattoo, your tattoo should be full of details so that it looks realistic.

Wing tattoo with someone’s date of birth or date of death is a very good idea to keep that date in memory.

This is a very trendy and modern wing tattoo design with heart.

Look at this colorful butterfly wing tattoo design. Ideal for the females.

A pair of wings with a holy cross that shows your love for religion.

Wing tattoos can be also be placed on your fingers in this creative way.

It depends on how you like to portray your wing tattoo, here’s a beautiful and unique idea.

This one is really angelic. Look at it, and you will get the idea. Even you can include a letter of your name.

Wing tattoos are also done on the chest. This tattoo idea is very realistic.

The placement is almost similar but here you can see the tattoo is colorful and a bit different in design.

Wonderful feminine wing tattoo idea for the modern girls.

Some people have a great fascination for birds, and for them, this wing tattoo is appropriate.

You will hardly get to see a wing tattoo on the throat, but here’s an example of wing tattoo with a star.

Two different kinds of tattoos on both the hands. It’s fantastic.

Colorful wings with a wheel on your forearm. Not a bad idea for a tattoo.

You can also place a pair of wings on the back side of your neck. It looks hot in females.

Though this tattoo design is not very attractive but you can wear this on your feet to show the funny side inside you.

This wing tattoo is small but it is very realistic.

You can experiment with your own creativity. See how it is done.

Wing tattoo on both the feet, a fantastic tattoo idea for the travelers.

You can hardly find a meaningful and creative tattoo like this. So how creatively it is designed.

This feet wing tattoo is very dazzling and attractive.

A very colorful wing tattoo design with a heart and barbed wire. Full of inner meanings.

Sketch style wing tattoo for the females. Very unique

Two different kinds of wing tattoo on both the sides of your back.

See this wing tattoo with a bow and arrow on your chest.

Very simple holy cross wing tattoo for your back neck.

Wings with a diamond? Maybe this tattoo is full of deep meanings behind it.

Wings forming a heart on a tattoo. It’s lovely.

If you want a full back tattoo, you can go with such a tattoo design.


So colorful and creative. This butterfly wing tattoo for your full back is amazing and very feminine.

A large full back wing tattoo, which is a good choice for the men.

It really looks like a drawing on both the sides of your chest.

Heart wing tattoo which resembles with the wings of an angel.

This is a very rare painting style wing tattoo with a lot of creativity.

Skull wing tattoo for those who are willing to get a skull tattoo on their body.

Wing tattoo under your breast on both the sides of your body looks awesome.

This floral wing tattoo looks very elegant.

Small and minimal wing pair tattoo with an appealing atitude.

This one is more artistic and looking very delicate

A holy cross wing tattoo on your arm. Good and simple idea.

Look at this fascinating wing tattoo idea for your feet.

very unique and marvelous tattoo design for both male and female.

Magnificent designs are always attractive.

Realistic tattoos are always admirable and graceful.

Gorgeous tattoos need no words to be described.

Wing tattoos have a lot of symbolic meanings and while choosing your designs, you will have to know about them. So it’s your first duty to do a lot of research before getting a wing tattoo. Choose your final design and add some of your creative ideas on it. Just fly all over with your new wing tattoo.

80 Magical Moon Tattoo Designs

The sun and the moon is a part of our life. We can’t think of a day without a sun and can’t think of a night without a moon. Moon is a part of almost every human culture and so when we talk about its symbolism, it is always a very popular choice. Maybe it’s a folklore or a fiction, a fantasy or a science, the moon can be a part of everything. According to the symbolism, the moon represents exploration, dreams and infinite space. In one word moon is a magic for us. So don’t miss out this article if you want to get a brilliant idea about magical moon tattoo designs.

Magical Moon Tattoo Designs:

Moon with a dead tree, a complete design that describes a haunted night.

This feminine moon and mermaid tattoo is great for dreaming girls.

It’s unique to describe the moon in a tribal way.

A complete moon circle tattoo defines a girl with a great interest in astronomy.

Look at this creative tattoo that looks so beautiful.

Sometimes minimal designs speak a lot.

This funny animated moon tattoo design can also be considered by the males.

Moon with beautiful flowers looks mid blowing.

Many inner meanings can be described using creativity. Here is an example of it.

If you love painting or drawing, you can go with this tattoo as it is a kind of abstract.

Perhaps we have rarely seen a moon tattoo designed in this way.

A cat on a moon, what does that mean? Obviously something fictional.

Combine the moon and the sun and get such awesome result.

What a piece of art this tattoo is. In one word the thinking is great.

Moon tattoos can also be worn on feets. It looks really appealing and you can see that.

A cute and tiny moon tattoo also looks very beautiful on girls.

If you really want to express your love for astronomy, this is a great tattoo for you.

A tattoo with a great scientific meaning but in a very creative way. Go for such unique thinking.

Realistic things always look fantastic. Get an idea from this realistic moon tattoo.

A moon tattoo with some beautiful numeric message that means a lot to the wearer.

The moon and the sun can be a great example of a couple tattoo.

Moon tattoos can be creatively designed with such beautiful landscapes but that can be only done by a professional tattoo artist.

Again a great example of a couple that looks very simple and attractive.

Moon tattoos also suit on your back but as we think that the moon looks great mostly on a medium sized tattoo.

This tattoo is a mix of sun and moon and if you can do that creatively, it looks awesome.

A realistic moon tattoo that will suit both male and female.

An artistic moon tattoo should be like this.

This moon tattoo is a great feminine design that looks great on pretty girls.

Such a great thinking and portrayal of a haunted night.

This tattoo shows the two sides of a moon.

A simple and classic moon tattoo design but very appealing.

Moon inside a crystal, a unique concept.


A funny animated moon tattoo that suits the best of funny people.

Floral moon design with a molly sitting on it.

The sun and the moon makes one of the best and popular couple tattoo ideas.

This small and beautiful black moon tattoo shows your femininity and creativity.

You will hardly find such a beautifully colored moon tattoo.

This tattoo is great to portray your inner romance.

Tattoo designs can give a great description of the space. It is possible.

A creative moon tattoo can speak a lot of things.

Moon tattoos can be decorated in various ways and here’s an example of it.

The full moon circle also defines your whole life cycle.

If you are looking for a haunted tattoo, go for this one.

Many tattoos carry an inner meaning as it is designed. Here is an example of it.

Full moon circle tattoo is quite popular in the tattoo world.

A simple feminine moon tattoo done on the shoulder looks great.

Tribal designs are always appealing and sexy. Here is an example of it.

This rare example of moon tattoos done on ears will really inspire you.

A textural small moon tattoo looks very cute.

Moon tattoo with a landscape included in it.

AWWW! this is the only expression you can give after seeing this tattoo.

A cute and tiny moon couple tattoo that represents a cute couple.

If you are a student of astronomy, you should obviously go with this one.

Floral moon tattoo designs and very creative and minimal.

Looking like this tattoo have a lot of meanings hidden on it.

Express your romance with a sun and moon tattoo design.

Moon can be decorated in various ways and get an idea of it.

Such a beautiful full moon tattoo with an awesome landscape designed artistically.

A tribal moon tattoo with an essence of mandala designs.

This tattoo design is a great going tattoo for the tattoo lovers.

A small moon tattoo behind your ears is very easy to hide.

Colorful and feminine moon tattoo with some stars included.

Holding the moon in your hand is something we dream in our childhood. Here you can see that.


This is perhaps the best sun and moon couple tattoo idea in the whole article. It is so attractive.

Moon tattoo can be done in your back waist. It looks hot.

A perfect pair in the sky which gives us light both day and night.

You can use both of your feet to design such an amazing tattoo.

This is a kind of tattoo which carries an Islamic essence. Great idea for your religious females.

A simple and yet classic looking moon design on a wrist.


Floral moon tattoo designs are very popular and you can also think of doing one.

This combination in a moon tattoo is very demanding. Mountains and the moon, you can describe things better.

Moon with a rose, a very rare tattoo design.

Moon is responsible for the tidal energy on earth, see how it is described simply.

See this amazing landscape tattoo with a moon on it.

This tiny moon tattoo can be the best one if you want to keep your tattoo hidden.

The moon above a lotus flower can mean a lot.

A realistic tiny moon tattoo on the back shoulder.

This abstract moon tattoo is very simple but looking really amazing.

So if you really want to make the moon a part of your life, it is the best way to make a magical moon tattoo on your body as it looks awesome on the females. Males are rarely seen to get a moon tattoos but nowadays, demand is different. So there is no rule that moon tattoo is only for the females. So rush to a good tattoo artist to discuss the rest.

80 Sexy Tattoos For Girls To Try Right Now

It is very normal that a girl will try to look sexy and so there is nothing abnormal in wearing a sexy tattoo on your body. The tattoo itself is a very trendy concept of fashion and so the taste changes from time to time. So when you are planning to get a tattoo, you should obviously look for the trendy designs. Though the choice always varies with each woman but we suggest that being a girl, you should always look for some sexy tattoos to increase the femininity in your appeal. Most of these tattoo designs you will find here will surely add a spark to your overall personality.

Sexy Tattoos For Girls To Try Right Now:

Bird tattoo on your side can be an appealing choice.

Cat under your neck shows the felinity inside you.

This full arm tattoo can be an example of appeal. But it’s also beautiful.

Shoulder tattoo is always hot maybe it’s on a male shoulder or a female shoulder.

A Diamond above your waist shows how valuable you are.

Positioning a tattoo on your thigh will make you look hotter.

Thigh tattoos are always sexy and when you make tattoos on your upper thighs, especially a rose tattoo, you can see how it looks.

Back tattoos are perfect for the girls who don’t dare to expose their back.

Tribal tattoo designs are always considered as hot and attractive. So you can include one on your shoulder.

This sweet sunflower tattoo with a textual message can add many things to your personality.

Arrow tattoos are very small in size but are packed with a blasting package.

Sea wave tattoos can be used to portray a variety of inner meanings.

This wonderful floral tattoo on the waist side will change the whole appearance of your body.

Lace tattoos are not that common but still, it looks sexy on thighs.

Rose tattoos are always beautiful but here you can see that it makes your figure more appealing.

Arrow tattoos on the side under your breasts can be a great idea to look hotter.

This Simple design is so sexy that you can see how attractive it is looking.

It is almost looking like an oyster tattoo and it can mean a whole lot of things.

Thighs define your overall body figure. If your thighs are attractive, you are body will be more attractive.

Black rose tattoo designs on your feet looks very charming.

The waist is another important part of a women figure. So having a rose tattoo above that will make you look appealing.

Floral tattoos are very common among the girls and when it is placed on your upper thighs, it’s all time favorite.

Placing a tattoo on the side of your breasts will obviously look sizzling.

Anchor tattoos are a very common tattoo design. When you are including it, you should make the tattoo creative and unique.

Looking like a butterfly tattoo, but done in such a creative way to match the place.

Butterfly tattoos look very beautiful on girls. When you place it on the side of your belly, it will make the middle portion of your body attractive.

Star tattoos are also very common but should be designed with a lot of thinking as this tattoo.

This watercolor paint type tattoo designs on the side of your body will always mean that you are creative and hot.

This is a tribal tattoo design which you can place on your back. No need to say that back tattoos are always appealing.

Tribal tattoo all over the body is something that will make your lover mad.

This big floral tattoo on the full side of your body will obviously change the overall appearance.

This is a very rare idea and really a beautifully designed tattoo.

Big floral tattoos are very trendy now and most females are going with it.

You can show the graph of your heartbeat in this way. It’s sexy.

Feathers have a lot of meanings attached to it. So you can go for such a feather tattoo only after deciding the meaning.

See this amazing small tattoo, this is good for the climbers.

Cannabis leaf on your thighs can be really lucky for you.

Sunflower on the side of your belly will make you shine more.

Quote tattoo ideas are great for girls, though this one placed on the side of the body, you can place anywhere.

Tribal tattoo design like this all over your leg can be a great idea when you wear short dresses.

Floral tattoos are probably the most popular female tattoo all over the world. So that proves females have a liking towards it.

Bow tattoo on your side thigh looks so beautiful that when you wear short dresses you will look very attractive.

Commonly heartbeat graph tattoos are mainly seen near the breast area, but this one is on the waist. A unique idea.

Tribal designs are always sizzling. When girls wear it, it looks more special.

Black rose tattoos are very sexy, placing it on the side of your body looks outstanding.

See this awesome skull tribal tattoo. If you believe in cult thinkings, do think of it.

A small butterfly tattoo on the back side of your neck increases your femininity.

Tattoos can be designed very creatively as it is all about graphics and symbols. Here is an example of it.

Birds and feathers make a very meaningful tattoo. It suits the girls who love to dream high.

Artistic tattoos are a great choice of females. Placing this tattoo design on your thigh will be really beautiful.

Octopus tattoos have a lot of meanings and it is too suitable for the girls.

Though spider tattoos are not very common, but if you really love spiders, go with it.

A creative rose tattoo on your shoulder will look charming.

Butterfly tattoo on your stomach can be a sign of high fertility.

A simple floral artwork tattoo above your waist looks really hot and sexy.

Here’s a repeat of a same kind of tattoo and you can consider having a tattoo like this.

A textual tattoo on your feet looks very feminine.

Peacock tattoos are very meaningful and when you include this on your body, you can assume how it will look.

‘Love’ for someone can show a tattoo like this which is very romantic.

Tribal tattoo designs look very attractive on female thighs.

This tattoo doesn’t indicate a single object, but it is sure that it have a very deep meaning.

Tattoos all over the body automatically make a female more attractive.

An artistic design converted into a beautiful tattoo looking like a graphics.

Such a sexy tattoo but done in a creative way.

Again a tribal tattoo design that can be made on your side profile.

Tribal sun tattoos are great for girls. Sun tattoo also carries a bunch of inner meaning.

Feathers are really a great creation of nature. Creativity is always attached to the feather tattoos.

Birds are full of freedom and any independent girls can consider of having such a bird tattoo near their shoulder.

Heart tattoo is always special for us and we can describe many aspects with it.

Full body tribal arts are great for a tattoo loving girl. It’s very hot.

This realistic colorful butterfly tattoo is looking so beautiful and feminine.

If you are a beginner, go with a small tattoo like this and see the response.

Anchor and rose tattoo is ideal for those who spend their life in water.

A tribal symbol on your back can mean a lot of things.

It’s difficult to understand the meaning of this tattoo but still, it is looking good.

Realistic butterfly tattoos are one of the best feminine tattoos.

Tribal foot tattoos are very appealing.

You can place tattoo anywhere on your body but that always depends on the tattoo design. So whenever you are thinking of a tattoo design, you should also think about where to place it. Actually, the position of your tattoo also means a lot on how it will look. So it’s time to look sexy with a sexy tattoo on your body.

80 Cute Couple Tattoo Designs

A cute couple tattoo on both of your hands can be pretty enough to make your relationship more special and identical. You always wanted to share your love with your partner but why not you will portray that to others. When you are loving someone, there is nothing to dare about that. Couple tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs nowadays and remember it lasts long with your relationship. But how to go trendy with the designs? Let’s scroll the mouse and get some amazing ideas that will blow your mind. When you both are sharing the tattoo, choose the one you both like the most. Here’s a great collection of cute couple tattoo designs we have brought for our readers.

Cute Couple Tattoo Designs:

These wise owl couple tattoo can be the best to portray the wisdom of your couple. if you think your couple is very intelligent, a cute owl couple can be your symbol.

Get a pinch of spirituality on your relationship with this mandala tattoo

Yin Yang tattoos contain a very positive message in it. It can mean the balance of life and of course your relationship.

If there is a meaning, circle means a lot. Make a complete circle tattoo to mean a whole range of things.

This authentic and creative floral design tattoo matches the creative couples.

Are both of you connected to sea life? No other tattoo can be best and suitable for you two.

Many people have a keen interest in puzzles. Solving a puzzle is similar to solving all the problems of your life. Represent that in a creative way.

The two sides of every life. One is very colorful and one is completely dark and black. You can’t leave any of them.

Are you both childhood friends? This cute and funny tattoo can make you remember of your childhood nostalgia.

The sun and the moon, which are very much related to our life. Sun lit up the earth at day and moon lit up the sky at night. This can be really meaningful.

Two flying birds that love to fly all over the world with their lovely hearts.

If you really think you are like love birds and made for each other, this is the best tattoo design you will ever get.

Both of you are invalid without each other. This is the only meaning a lock and key tattoo represents.

You both should be tied like a lock and key rest of the life.

Are you a cat-loving couple? Probably it’s the best that will suit you.

Mickey and Minnie mouse, the best ever couple in this world. Maybe you are also like that.

Do you think yourselves as a king and queen? This cute tattoo will look very beautiful on you both.

Such a beautiful tattoo with a deep meaning in it. If you can understand, you will obviously like it.

Another wise owl couple tattoo, with some more creativity.

There are a variety of lock and key tattoo ideas, and here it is one of the beautiful variety.

Sometimes, textual tattoos can carry some secret meanings which you don’t want anybody to understand. Here’s a great example of it.

Arrow tattoos are very appealing as always. So you can also use it as a cute couple tattoo.

Another tattoo design that will make you remember of your childhood days. It’s so cute.

Want to represent your relationship is as colorful as a butterfly? Make this pair tattoo.

This lemniscate mathematical symbol may be meaningful to both of you. But in normal it represents infinity.

Again a variety of lock and key tattoo with a more royal look.

The tattoo is all about creativity and this tattoo proves that. This tattoo design shows the love for each other.

Tattoo with a beautiful message looks very special. You can wear that to make your relationship more special.

Maybe this symbolic tattoo that represents something is really really lovely.

This fantastic and creative heart tattoo design are best for the sweet couples.

This couple wing tattoo that shows a unique conception.

One heart and one love, the perfect quote for a lover couple.

Maybe you believe in the Grim Reaper culture and hence you can also get an idea from us.

Both of you can join your fingers to form an arrow. What can be better than this?

A lovely heart tattoo with a design of mickey and Minnie mouse face.

There can be no love in a relationship when there is no friendship. So a couple has to be friends first.

Enjoy your marine life with a beautiful anchor couple tattoo.

Tattoos can be so cute and this is an example of it. Bread also love each other.

This couple tattoo is something unique and amazing that you will hardly find out. If you want a rare tattoo design, go for it.

Wings are a great idea to form a couple tattoo. So when you are going for a couple tattoo, you can obviously think of wings as it’s very popular.

This design can be described as a perfect marine couple tattoo.

This is best for the married couples who really love to show the happiness of their married life.

It’s a great idea to mark your anniversary on your tattoo design. But that should be done with a very creative idea.

Birds are great lovers. Do you know that? So we failed to keep bird couple tattoo out of the list.

Geometric tattoos are really very minimal and appealing. So if you both love geometric tattoos, you can go with such examples.

This Yin Yang symbol always shows the perfect balance between a couple.

Skulls can also be cute and you can get what we are trying to say.

Are you both a funny guy and have a love for animations? Yeah! you can go with it.

One life, one love: a beautiful principle that should be believed by every couple.

Just a minimal geometric couple tattoo, it speaks a lot.

Sometimes, your body can portray a lot of things which people can’t see from outside. Yes, it’s personal.

This creative girly tattoo can be a unique idea to portray the love and friendship between both of you.


We have said earlier that simple textual messages can sometimes look very beautiful.

The perfect universal pair that will never break. A lock and key, no one can exist without the other.

We do graph our heartbeat to check the heart performance, but a heartbeat graph tattoo can say something else.

Geometric tattoo suits everyone and so it is the best design to go with your first couple tattoo.

Mickey and Minnie, one of the best couple ever. They can be a perfect symbol for a perfect couple.

Cancer tattoos sometimes can be thought in a very creative way. Here’s an example of it.

Anything can be placed on a tattoo design, and the meaning depends on your thinking.

A sweet and cute couple tattoo design that is great for the teenager couples.

Though arrow tattoos are very simple and minimal, but they can be very creative.

A complete creative painting tattoo that can create a collage.

Do you love fishing? This is a great tattoo idea for a fisherman couple.

It’s not a problem that you don’t have wings, but you can fly from your heart.

Old school memories that can make you remember if your childhood love.

A funny couple will obviously show their love in a funny way. It’s amazing.

Octopus and a Jellyfish, yes they mean that you have a love for seas.

A simple heart tattoo done in this way looks classic.

Stars can also be included in a couple tattoo design. But it should be created in a very meaningful way.

At last the flowers, which we also consider very meaningful when we think of love.

This is the best tattoo for animated series lovers.

Think your life and relations as a puzzle, it will be much more interesting.

Owls are really lovely in couple tattoos. And it is also very common nowadays.

Duck tattoo done in both the partner’s hand in a couple can really look very interesting. This one is specially done in a textural way.

Anchor tattoo is the best tattoo for a perfect couple. It shows that both are anchored with each other.

Divide a complete heart and each wear one piece. Amazing idea.

Cats are very cute, but cat tattoos are much cuter than them. Perfect tattoo for the cat lovers.

These marine symbols are attached to each other and together they make a great marine couple tattoo.

If you love poems, you have read about the love of birds. A human couple can be defined by a bird couple tattoo.

Solve the puzzle! This tattoo means that the puzzle can be only complete with both of you.

Have you really decided the one that will look the best on both of you? Yes, that will take some time for you to decide as you have seen a lot of designs. Take your time and decide finally, that suits your dimension. You can also add your own creativity depending on your ideas and the tattoo designs. But we can finally say that cute couple tattoo can resemble a lot of things and you can use that to portray the love you both share with each other.

80 Amazing Dog Paw Tattoo Design Ideas

Dog paw tattoo is completely a personal way to portray the love for your pet. We all know that dogs are one of our best friend whom we can believe for the whole lifetime. They are loyal from their heart and will never ever think of cheating you. So if you really love them from the core of your heart you will be getting that in return. Dogs have a great impact on our life. Hence, you can think of getting a dog paw tattoo on your body as an homage to your pet who already left a paw print on your heart.

Amazing Dog Paw Tattoo Design Ideas:

This realistic dog paw tattoo is very attractive.

Innovative ideas are always great for tattoos. It makes your tattoo trendy.

Simple dog paw tattoo on your leg looks beautiful.

Dog paw tattoos can be designed in different ways. Here’s an example.

See this cute tattoo. Dog paw print with a heart.

Floral dog paw tattoo is a great idea for girls.

A tiny cluster of dog paw tattoo which looks very cute.

Like the previous one, tiny dog paw tattoo can be placed anywhere.

See how realistic it looks when you show the walking style of a dog in this way.

A small dog paw behind your ear looks amazing.

This dog paw tattoo is very unique as you can see a heart on every paw print.

Wow! This one looks really romantic and full of love.

Dog walking print on your back also looks very sexy.

Dog paw print is done generally small in tattoos. See this cute one.

You have already got a similar idea before but you this is to show you the positional appearance.

Yes, you know that dog paw prints on your back looks really hot.

This design on the side of your hand looks really pretty.

Dog paw tattoo with a letter engraved in it is very unique.

These pair of dog paw obviously express your love for dogs.

This tattoo design is so romantic and full of inner meanings.

If you are looking for a way to express your love for your pet, this one is a wonder.

A set of paw print shows the connection with your dog.

The face of your dog in the dog paw is a very trendy idea.

At a first look, some think it harmful with long nails but later it will look very cute.

Dog paw portrayed in a tribal tattoo theme looks great in males.

How creatively this tattoo is designed to give a unique look.

Dog paw tattoos in animated form also look great when done nicely.

Yes, this tattoo makes a female look sizzling.

Mostly the dog paw tattoos are very cutely portrayed.

Did you understand this lovely theme? It can be a great tattoo if done correctly.

Dog paw tattoos all over your feet can change the statement.

Small paw tattoo on the back of your feet can be a very good choice.

We can understand that this tattoo is full of inner meanings but really looking artistic.

Looks like drawn with a sketch pen but it’s really a permanent tattoo.

Sometimes minimal tattoos say a lot of things.

Place this pair of the tattoo under your knees and see how gorgeous it looks.

Tribal designs are always attractive. You can think about it for your tattoo.

Creative people always go for an artistic tattoo like this.

This paw tattoo looks very cute above your waist.

Placing a tattoo is a very important decision. You will have to think about where it looks best on you.

Dog paw tattoo with wings is a very rare combination.

At a glance, it looks an original dog paw print, and this tattoo is awesomely designed.


A great way to keep the memory of your dog. You can never forget what time you’ve spent.

Yea realistic tattoos are always charming and attractive.

A dog paw with a dog’s name is a very popular idea of dog paw tattoo.

A pair of dog paw print all over the side of your body looks amazing.

Look here a message is included with the paw tattoo and makes the tattoo more touchy.

Very clean and clear tattoo with a great creative skill.

You will rarely see a tattoo on the hands. So this design get’s a big thumb up.

Siberian Husky and its paw print on the tattoo. It is an amazing idea.

Perhaps you haven’t seen such a tattoo idea ever. Dog paw on a dream catcher.

This minimal tattoo looks great on girls.

This is a very simple dog paw tattoo design that will give you an idea of the whole.

This tattoo is great as a memoir of your dog.


You can hardly spot out this tattoo in real but they are so cute.

Yes, it’s a dog paw can you see it’s written on it.

Such a beautiful and colorful tattoo which is looking amazing.

This artistic dog paw tattoo will suit both boys and girls.

This tribal dog paw tattoo design is very unique and rare.

Have you seen a 3D Dog Paw Tattoo? Here’s an example of it.

Dog Paw tattoo and flowers make a beautiful feminine tattoo on your back.


Maybe it’s a very simple design, but it looks very attractive.

Two paw prints on your back portray the whole love for your pet.

A painting themed dog paw tattoo which can be rarely seen.

Dog paw with the first letter of your dog’s name engraved on it can be a good option of a simple tattoo.

Paw prints are always attractive. So a big paw print tattoo will always attract everyone.

Dog paw on two sides of your waist looks fantastic.

Lovely painting. No, it’s a tattoo which is themed in that way.

A minimal tattoo which looks like drawn with a pen.

The beauty of attractive colors can do a lot.

If you want a tattoo, which can’t be spotted generally, go with this one.

If you have a number of pet dog in your home, this is the best way to pay the homage.

It looks like you have put all the colors on your dog paw and took a stamp.

This tattoo looks like dog paw angel tattoo which can be done to keep the memory of a dog.

Having a paw print done on your body changes your overall fashion statement.

Actually, we humans those who really love our pet animal can never stop us from expressing or love towards them. Dogs are always the best companions of humans and so one of the best ways to show your love for them is making a tattoo on your body. Here you have seen a range of dog paw tattoo ideas which will really inspire you to make one on your body.